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Inflation and recession loom, bitcoin remains stable



As inflation and recession fears mount, many are blaming the Federal Reserve for raising rates too quickly. Despite these concerns, bitcoin (BTC) has maintained its stability, currently valued at $30,000.

In a recent video, crypto YouTuber Ivan On Tech discussed the impact of macro news, altcoins, and the bitcoin chart, touching on topics like the Shanghai fork, the consumer price index (CPI) report, and Hong Kong banks’ support for cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin continues to show bullish momentum even as other cryptocurrencies have not seen significant price performance. Meanwhile, tron (TRX) is also performing well, despite its founder, Justin Sun, facing legal action from the U.S. government.

Confusion over the regulatory classification of cryptocurrencies in the U.S. persists, with Gary Gensler, chair of the securities and exchange commission, asserting they are securities, while the commodity futures trading commission (CFTC) considers digital assets, including bitcoin and ETH, to be commodities.

Economist and influencer Alex Saunders believes this lack of agreement is beneficial for the industry, as it would be difficult for lawyers to prove any wrongdoing in court cases, such as the forthcoming XRP case.

As the world becomes more open to cryptocurrencies, Hong Kong banks’ support for them could lead to significant market growth, especially if stablecoins like USDT gain access to traditional banking services.

Bitcoin is seen as a safe haven during the anticipated U.S. recession, likely causing the Fed to lose even more credibility as the recession takes hold.

Ivan on Tech warned that mainstream markets are damaging their own credibility by frequently changing course, predicting a difficult Q3 and Q4. He expects bitcoin to decouple from the Nasdaq and gold. He also believes that the latter will also dissociate from markets due to the difficulty of owning and verifying its authenticity.

The video also touched on various cryptocurrencies’ performance, the potential for gaming to drive a bull market, and web3 gaming. Ivan on Tech’s conversational and somewhat humorous tone kept viewers engaged as he discussed diverse topics, such as altcoins, elk hunting, and Cartoon Network.

As the crypto space evolves, investors should focus on the benefits provided by specific cryptocurrencies rather than getting bogged down in minor details. With the global financial landscape shifting, bitcoin’s stability amidst looming inflation and recession offers a glimmer of hope for those seeking a safe haven in turbulent times.

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