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MicroStrategy co-founder integrates Lightning into his corporate emails

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cryptonews coins flying lightning in the background blurry background low poly

cryptonews coins flying lightning in the background blurry background low poly

Michael Saylor, an ardent supporter of bitcoin (BTC) and the co-founder of the business analytics software firm MicroStrategy, has integrated Lightning Network into his corporate email. 

This leads one to believe that anybody may transfer bitcoin to the millionaire, who is 58 years old, by using the email address [email protected]  

The Lightning Network is a second-layer solution created on the Bitcoin blockchain. This solution allows transactions to be carried out faster, inexpensively, and more scalably.

A snapshot of a few bitcoin transactions delivered to “[email protected]” from others in the form of Satoshis or “Sats,” the smallest unit of bitcoin, was posted by the former CEO of the firm in a tweet that was published on April 17.

Saylor, whose net worth is roughly $1.2 billion and whose firm has gathered approximately 140,000 BTC (nearly $4 billion at current rates), has started getting tiny BTC contributions from aficionados after tweeting about the integration. Saylor’s net worth is approximately $1.2 billion, and his company has approximately 140,000 BTC.

How the Lightning addresses work

The integration uses the Lightning Address protocol, which enables developers to substitute an Internet-based identification for a regular Lightning invoice or payment request. For example, an email address may be used in place of a Lightning invoice.

The Lightning Address protocol allows users to attach an “Internet Identifier,” such as an email address, rather than copying wallet addresses or utilizing QR codes, making the integration of MicroStrategy possible. It is unknown if all of MicroStrategy’s corporate emails have been updated to include the new capability.

The Lightning Network can do one million transactions per second (TPS) at the cost of one Satoshi, which is equivalent to around four cents. The Lightning Network is bitcoin’s layer-2 scaling solution, and its primary objective is to reduce the time and cost of completing Bitcoin transactions.

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