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Decentraland investors flock to InQubeta as QUBE presale in progress

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InQubeta QUBE07

InQubeta QUBE07

Statistics show that investors previously focused on Decentraland have shifted their attention to InQubeta (QUBE). As the landscape of digital ownership and immersive experiences continues to evolve, InQubeta has emerged as a notable player in crypto, capturing attention due to its innovative approach and perceived potential.

In the current climate, where the appeal of owning and trading digital assets is increasing, the presale of InQubeta has garnered significant attention. The InQubeta presale has attracted forward-thinking investors, including supporters of Decentraland.

The growing interest surrounding InQubeta’s presale can be attributed to the project’s emphasis on promoting the inclusivity of artificial intelligence (AI) in crypto as they aim to transform the sphere.

InQubeta: the next chapter in AI evolution?

InQubeta has recently initiated the presale phase for its QUBE tokens, generating interest from investors and enthusiasts across the market.

This decentralized finance (DeFi) token has exhibited growth potential during its beta stage, with more than 50 million tokens sold and a total fundraising amount exceeding $300,000.

Notably, the project has garnered attention from supporters within the Decentraland ecosystem, further fueling anticipation as word spreads among potential investors.

The QUBE presale, consisting of ten stages, commenced with an initial price of $0.007 per token. QUBE prices will progressively increase throughout the subsequent stages until the final phase, where a proposed price offering of $0.028 per token is expected.

InQubeta, as a DeFi project, has outlined its plans to list its native token at $0.0308, representing a potential increase of 4.4 times or 340% for early-stage participants.

As such, the excitement surrounding the InQubeta presale offers a glimpse into its potential as a possible investment opportunity for enthusiasts in artificial intelligence (AI).

InQubeta focuses on delivering an AI-powered platform where investors can access fractional investments in AI startups minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

The process takes place on a revolutionary NFT marketplace where investors can acquire these trending NFTs from companies that intrigue them, depending on their budget. This opens up a new world of crowdfunding without discrimination due to financial status. 

The presale structure of InQubeta has generated optimism among early project backers, who hold a positive outlook and anticipate reaping the rewards of participating in InQubeta’s ecosystem.

By participating in the InQubeta presale, holders of the project’s DeFi token can access a previously inaccessible realm, even receiving benefits. These advantages position QUBE as a contender in crypto, characterized by its utility and potential for utility-driven applications.

Visit InQubeta presale 

Decentraland: where digital real estate meets potential

Decentraland has long been regarded as one of the pioneers and top DeFi crypto projects in virtual reality and decentralized digital ownership.

As the first-ever decentralized virtual reality platform built on Ethereum, Decentraland has captured the imagination of investors and enthusiasts alike. 

At the core of Decentraland is digital real estate, where users can create, buy, sell, trade, and explore virtual lands using its native token, MANA. 

These lands (LAND) serve as canvases for users to create unique and immersive experiences, ranging from art galleries and gaming arenas to social hubs and virtual marketplaces. The possibilities within Decentraland are limited only by the imagination of its users.

MANA fuels the platform’s virtual world, allowing users to complete in-world transactions, purchase virtual lands, and participate in auctions. 

The platform has assembled a dedicated community with a keen sense of a project’s potential based on its features. These supporters are now flocking to InQubeta, embracing its growth potential and unique value in bringing together AI and crypto. 


InQubeta’s presale has garnered the interest of Decentraland supporters, as it presents an opportunity for potential returns for early backers.

The project invites investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to explore its innovative approach to crowdfunding, aiming to establish an ecosystem where QUBE token holders can access top-tier crypto investments by utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

During the presale beta stage, participants can acquire QUBE tokens using popular cryptocurrencies such as BNB, tron (TRX), bitcoin (BTC), and USDT, potentially yielding a return.

Visit InQubeta presale 

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