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The Graph’s migration to Arbitrum in final phase

IOVLabs launches 2.5 million grants program02

IOVLabs launches 2.5 million grants program02

The Graph, a blockchain data indexing and query protocol, has started the final phase of its transition process to Arbitrum, a layer-2 scaling solution operating on Ethereum.

The Graph, an indexing and query protocol for blockchain data, is currently executing a migration process to Arbitrum, a layer-2 scaling solution that operates on the Ethereum network. The initiative is aimed at delivering reduced gas fees, enhanced transaction processing speed, and improved accessibility to the protocol.

The decision to progress with the transition to Arbitrum was facilitated by the network participants’ voting via a Graph Improvement Proposal. The result of the vote mirrors the collective preference of community members for a network experience that is more streamlined and cost-effective.

The commencement of The Graph’s transition to Arbitrum can be traced back to 2022.

The process was divided into stages with the first being the initial deployment, followed by the activation of protocol rewards on layer-2. The current day signifies the onset of the third and final phase, representing complete integration with the Arbitrum network.

In a statement by Tegan Kline, CEO of Edge & Node, one of the companies involved in the development of The Graph protocol, she indicated that the choice of Arbitrum was the result of meticulous evaluation.

Arbitrum, as a layer-2 scaling solution, is expected to provide protocol developers and network participants with faster and more cost-effective operations.

Plans are underway to allow users of The Graph to shift to Arbitrum across all its product range. The protocol rewards are set to gradually transition from ethereum and eventually be fully implemented on Arbitrum.

The migration process is expected to enhance operational efficiency for Delegators. These are network participants who allocate The Graph’s native token, GRT, to Indexers.

Indexers, who run nodes within The Graph Network, will have the opportunity to claim GRT rewards, with the associated gas fees expected to reduce considerably following the transition.

A celebration to mark the milestone is scheduled to take place at the House of web3 in San Francisco, hosted jointly by The Graph and Arbitrum.

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