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Ransomeware Protection

Comprehensive Anti-Ransomware Solution: Protect, Detect, and Recover

Emails and hacked websites are classic ways for ransomware to spread. The majority of ransomware is spread by phishing, a malware infection tactic in which you get an email that appears to be from someone you know or trust. The goal is to persuade you to open an attachment or click on a link within an email, at which time ransomware is installed on your computer.

Early identification of a cyberattack on your IT production environment reduces downtime. With machine-driven anomaly detection, you can assess the threat impact in real time and speed up the recovery process.

Reduce Attack Surface
Immutable Backups
Data Isolation
Ransomware’s Connection to Cryptojacking

Cybercriminals are infecting Windows and Linux devices with software that allows them to mine bitcoins without the user's awareness.  Cryptojacking not only slows down computers, raises energy expenses, and degrades hardware, but it also frequently injects ransomware to improve the malware's profit margins.


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Immutable backups and machine learning-based early detection can help you defend against ransomware attacks. 


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