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Top financial institutions adopt Avalanche’s Evergreen Subnet

Avalanche (AVAX) has unveiled the Evergreen Subnet, Spruce, in collaboration with several financial institutions including WisdomTree, Wellington Management, and more. Participating institutions will use the Spruce solution as a testnet for various applications, including on-chain trade execution and settlement, asset tokenization, and more. Avalanche Evergreen Subnet launched  Avalanche (AVAX), a super fast and scalable proof-of-stake […]
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Wall Street firms embrace Avalanche blockchain for efficient financial transactions

T. Rowe Price Associates, together with several prominent Wall Street companies, is set to explore the potential of the Avalanche blockchain to revolutionize financial trade execution and settlement using a new application called Spruce. T. Rowe Price Associates is joining forces with several Wall Street companies to explore the Avalanche blockchain’s potential in enhancing the […]
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Florida governor Ron DeSantis challenges CBDCs, defends financial freedom

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has voiced strong opposition to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), asserting that they threaten to undermine the financial freedom of Americans. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently taken a strong stance against CBDCs, arguing that they pose a significant threat to the financial freedom of Americans. DeSantis sees danger in CBDCs […]
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Tether used Signature Bank to access the US financial system

According to Bloomberg, Tether, the world’s largest stablecoin issuer, utilized Signature Bank to transfer funds from the United States to the Bahamas. Money was routed through the Bank’s Signet system Tether transferred funds from U.S. clients to Capital Union Bank, the issuer’s Bahamas-based banking partner. The transfers happened via the Signet payments platform of Signature […]
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