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Most ATMs function on software and codes. Therefore, hacking into them is though easy but presents risks at the same time. For example, many banks have suffered from malicious attacks from hackers on the Automatic teller machine. Here are listed ways through which attackers get free cash Installing malicious ATM software You can plug in […]
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HOW TO HACK A CRYPTO WALLET In today’s world, cryptocurrencies have assumed the most used and most common payment method in many countries around the globe, and digital currencies are becoming a common payment method among individuals everywhere. The major advantage is that it does not require bank verification or authentication processes. This makes their […]
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Many sectors in the human race are being digitized; websites are now becoming a hub for storing data and information. This convenient means can be said to have taken over classifying data via paper and pencils. This digital age still, however, presents its risks. Website hackers can attack your website in various ways.  For prevention […]
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How to Protect your Phone from Cyber Attacks

How to hack an android phone

How to hack an android phone Since its inception in 2008, Android technology has soared high to become one of the leading advancements in technology. It is my record now the most commonly used operating system globally.  The operating system owes its success to its release as open-source software. This way, application designers and tech […]
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How to Protect your Phone from Cyber Attacks

How to Protect your Phone from Cyber Attacks One would expect that the increasing usage of smartphones will make the subject of phone security a more common topic. However, phone security is not still extensively discussed. There is an increased threat to mobile phone security as it becomes increasingly used for financial transactions. The risks […]
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How to Identify Common Cybersecurity Threats

How to Identify Common Cybersecurity Threats Cybersecurity threats or cyber threats are malicious acts done to infiltrate an IT system to steal or damage data or cause disruption. There are different types of cyber threats and different motives behind them. Cyber-attacks may be for financial gain, espionage, or to cause disruption. The motivation is either […]
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5 Ways To Avoid Online scam In 2021

5 Ways To Avoid Online scam In 2021 Cybercriminals can be inventive when it comes to defrauding people out of their money. They will use various methods to target their victims, ranging from identity theft to sending phishing emails. They have proven to be very pliable to global trends, tailoring their example various hot topics, […]
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5 Things You  Can Hire A Hacker To Do

5 Things You  Can Hire A Hacker To Do A hacker is a professional in the computer and networking field who implement their expertise by penetrating the computer system. A hacker can either be ethical or non-ethical.  An expert that practises ethical hacking is known as White Hats. On the other hand, those that practise […]
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HOW TO DETECT AN ONLINE SCAM Scammers are out there with questionable emails, dodgy websites and many more to get you. But how can you identify one? In the modern age of the internet, cybercrime is on the rise. Cybercrime to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025 according to the cybercrime Magazine. If […]
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Ethical Hacking; What you should know

What is Ethical Hacking? Ethical hacking is the practice of replicating the tactics of malicious hackers on computer systems. It is an authorized action to detect exposures in the system. When an ethical hacker does their work, they inform the client about the susceptibilities in their system. They also inform them about the measures to […]
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