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State of US’ crypto regulations, more hacks and rug pulls as PEPE leads the meme coin charge

Following a calm week, there were more regulatory actions, especially in the United States. Meanwhile, more hacks and rug-pull spilled over from the previous week. The buzz surrounding meme coins, fueled by the success of PEPE, created an opening for malicious actors who sought to exploit investor enthusiasm. Crypto mining regulations On May 3, the […]
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Gold-backed state digital currency gains traction in US

As debates on digital currencies persist, several U.S. states are making strides in exploring a gold-backed state digital currency, regulating bitcoin mining, and addressing legal challenges in the cryptocurrency realm. Amid ongoing discussions among notable U.S. politicians regarding central bank digital currencies, Texas is considering a novel approach: a state-level digital currency supported by gold. […]
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Utah State Legislature passes the Utah DAO Act 

The Utah State Legislature, recently passed the Utah Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) act, otherwise known as under Act HB 357, Reported at the beginning of March by the National Law Review, the Act resulted from combined efforts between the Digital Innovation Taskforce and the Utah Blockchain Legislature.  Utah DAO act  The Utah DAO act was […]
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FED may prohibit state banks from holding cryptos as principal 

The Federal Reserve System stated that it intends to presumptively prohibit state banks from holding crypto-assets as principals without permission from the Fed and OCC. In an updated guide issued on the Federal Register, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System said that they had received inquiries about the permissibility of “certain crypto-asset-related activities” […]
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European Union

EU finance ministers’ group state political aspects of digital euro

The Eurogroup reaffirmed its support for digital euro research but underlined that some of the design and application features under consideration would necessitate political decisions. Following a meeting in Brussels, the eurozone finance ministers issued a statement on the launch of the digital euro. According to the report, Eurogroup meets regularly to examine the political […]
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