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Tether used Signature Bank to access the US financial system

According to Bloomberg, Tether, the world’s largest stablecoin issuer, utilized Signature Bank to transfer funds from the United States to the Bahamas. Money was routed through the Bank’s Signet system Tether transferred funds from U.S. clients to Capital Union Bank, the issuer’s Bahamas-based banking partner. The transfers happened via the Signet payments platform of Signature […]
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South Korea’s Ministry of Justice to enforce crypto tracking system in H1 2023

The Ministry of Justice in South Korea, through a Government Business Report released on Jan. 26, announced the primer of a ‘virtual currency tracking system’ to curb money laundering and recovery of proceeds of crime. Enforcement of the ‘virtual currency tracking system’ The ‘virtual currency tracking system’ will enhance the monitoring of digital transactions, retrieve […]
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Former president of Russia says collapse of global financial system will accelerate crypto adoption

Dmitry Medvedev, the former President of Russia, believes that a worldwide financial collapse will result in widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies. He predicts that both the US dollar and the euro will become less influential as reserve currencies. In a December 26 thread on Twitter, Dmitry Medvedev said the failure of the Bretton Woods monetary control […]
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