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Broker scammed you? How to get money back

money back

broker scammed you? How to get money back

broker scammed you? how to get your money back So, just like many others who fall for the compelling and convincing pretense of the online scammers, you have fallen victim too. You just wanted to make some money so you could improve your financial conditions. You thought trading was a great way to make money and so you went with the first online broker that you found on the internet. Big mistake! Whoever chooses their broker without proper research increases the chances of ending up with an online scammer. The scammer is there only to take your money and do nothing else for you. But now that you have made the mistake and you have been scammed, what’s next?

Forget and Start Over – Second Mistake

Of course, one of the easiest ways to go on with life is just to keep going on. You don’t complain about anything and you just keep doing things until you are successful. That’s not the best strategy in this particular case. In fact, you will be making a second big mistake of your life after signing up with the wrong broker. When you forget about the incident and move on, you actually leave that scammer in the online world to scam many others like you. The scammer is never going to stop for as long as there are innocent people who keep signing up with them.

Not to mention the fact that you can get scammed again if you don’t complain about the first scam. How will you know that you are not signing up with a wrong entity yet again? You have to have someone on your side to provide you with proper guidance on how to pick your online broker. If you don’t do that, you will keep losing money. It is not a good idea to lose money several times before you finally land on the right broker’s website. With due diligence, you can start with the right broker on your first attempt.

Leave a Bad Review – Good but Not the Best Move

Another thing you can do after you have been scammed online is to go on reviewing websites, and leave a bad review about the broker. Does it hurt the scammer though? Well, in one way it does hurt the fraud broker, but you will not get the results that are going to benefit you in any way. It is more like a rant that might reduce your anger a bit, but not help you in getting your money back. Not to mention, your review can only reach so many people around the world. There will still be people on the other side of the world signing up with the scammer while you write your review.

Also, leaving a bad review makes sense when you are talking about a legitimate broker. A legitimate broker is worried about their reputation on the internet so they try to fix things as soon as possible. On the other hand, the scammer does not have to worry about reputation. So, leaving a bad review is a great idea, but it will not for you what should be done in this scenario.

Follow up with the Scammer – Usually Doesn’t Work

If you are lucky, the fraud scammer who you have become a victim to has a contact number on the website. If you are even luckier, they will pick up your phone when you call that number. In most cases, when you are dealing with an online scammer, the phone number on the website is nothing but a bogus. You don’t get anyone on the other side. Even if they answer your call, they have been trained to just say a few good words and never forward your complaint to anyone. There is no one to listen to your complaint and resolve it in the first place.

So, even if you are able to contact the scammer, you will not get your money back. They will keep giving you runarounds and you will tire yourself at the end.

Use Money-Back’s Help – Works 95% of the Time


How to Get Money Back After Being Scammed Online? When nothing works, you have to take help from Money-Back. You see, there are not many places on the internet that will help you with this particular issue. You have reviewers to talk about online scammers and brokers. You have regulatory authorities that can take care of companies that are being regulated. However, when you are dealing with pure scams, you will not get help from these places. You have to find someone who can provide you with help with your exact issue. You want to get your money back, and that’s what the company should do for you – get your money back.

So, you have this amazing option in the form of Money-Back. claimpayback will provide you with all the help you need in getting your money back from the broker that has defrauded you. Get in touch with the company, tell your tale, and you will be helped by a team of lawyers, experienced traders, and other relevant personnel who know how to get the money back from online scammers. When you have a strong team on your side only then the scammer will take you seriously. In fact, this team can get in touch with your bank and other institutions to retrieve all the information that is necessary to catch the thief.

So, if you are looking for help specifically to get your money back that the scammers have taken from you, then you should consider getting help from Money-Back.

Final Thoughts | Broker scammed you?

You can say that it was a thing of the past when you could not have thought of getting your money back after being scammed. At that time, there were no companies that were built on the very foundation of helping innocent individuals and online traders get their money back from scammers. Now that you have a company ready to help you with your situation, there is no reason why you should not seek their help. Approach the scammer, get your money back, and invest this money with a legitimate broker to earn profits and stabilize your life financially. Share this


  • Olav Andreassen

    August 19, 2021 - 9:29 pm

    The world has changed. Every day, technology advances. There are new technologies that can not only track bitcoin addresses but also determine which platform or exchange they belong to Anyone would agree that this is a significant step forward in the recovery of cryptocurrency that has been lost or stolen.
    I lost almost $590,000 to a 500 investment, but thanks to Vladimir Kolarov and his colleagues at thehackerspro.com for their competent and ethical services in retrieving all of my money from this scam binary options firm.

    If you need to recover money from a romance scammer, ICO, Binary options fraud, or IQ option business, you can email them at [email protected].
    Information is crucial.

  • Larry E. Carroll

    August 23, 2021 - 5:23 pm

    I made a deposit of $210,000 into this Iqoption broker on 1st january last year, then I got a call from the account
    manager telling me about my account and the bonuses I could get if I put in more money…he was
    really good at convincing (maybe he brainwashed me ) I later put $86,000 in total.
    Then I sent all of my verification documents such as proof of address, ID and Bank card details
    (I sent without CVV) and Declaration form . Also I received lots of emails from them about
    verification and activation and etc.
    During the first 3 days my account was funded and was ready to start; they called me many
    times to re-invest and increase my amount and I refused because they got too pushy about it. I
    figured something was wrong when I requested for a withdrawal and was told I had to
    reach a deposit target before I can make withdrawals.
    So I couldn’t trust them as they changed their word and I asked the adviser I want to close my
    account as my account is verified and it’s ready. I already told him which I can’t put more
    money and now I change my mind and I want to withdraw my money and close my account.
    I send lots of email, chat, request, text, call and etc and asked them to call me and explain
    but nobody answer and reply to me even through email (Used to be emailed straight away) Now I
    i want to withdraw all of my money but I can’t go through my account. THEY NEVER CAME BACK TO ME.
    Until I was introduced to the guys at TheHackerspro” they helped me get my money
    back from these rippers after a long while…I owe my life to them right now. not everybody
    there would be fortunate to find a trusted recovery expert

  • Ted M. Edens

    September 13, 2021 - 9:30 am

    I’ve seen couple of answers from folks on here, hardly has anyone ever mentioned the fact that when bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency get lost, swiftness in reporting to the right experts is the first and most import step. Do not take time before you make a complaint, else the chances of recovery get slimmer. When my brother lost 22btc to scammers we were lucky to find vladimir and the hackerspro team, they did some sort of evaluation and tracing first to determine whether or not it was recoverable. The fact that we contacted them early helped. After all said and done, they helped recover the btc in an impressive time frame.

  • jimmy dojones

    September 17, 2021 - 12:29 pm

    one thing i know for sure is the fact that, scams will not stop anytime soon, these guys keep developing new ways everyday to take peoples money from them, which is really terrible, but the question we scam victims should be asking ourselves now is, how do we get our money back or even bring this guys to justice,

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