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Scams:Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Scams - Get your money back!

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Scams: If you’ve been taken advantage of by a scammer, contact us and our team of experts will work to get your money back.

Businesses from which we have successfully recovered funds

Businesses we have successfully retrieved money from

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Examine Your Situation

Based on our experience at H4ckerspro, we perform preliminary checks to determine whether the case at hand is winnable.

Collect the Evidence

Gathering all of the information and documentation needed to successfully prosecute your case.

Face the Entities

Confronting all entities that have facilitated the illicit transfer of your wealth in a systematic manner.

Return Your Money

We are proud of our track record and will go to great lengths to get your money back.

Recover Scams


  • Guido Valentín Feliciano

    June 15, 2022 - 4:23 pm

    Please beware there are many fake bitcoin mining/clouding out there, I have been a victim once but now a certified Blockchain consultant and I know better. The whole plan was so smooth I could not doubt it. Bitcoin is actually a great investment option but one thing I discovered over time is that it is not possible to mine bitcoin so don’t be deceived. I invested $745,000 on a particular website called SolitudeFX monitored the profit yielding but was told to open a new blockchain account to receive my payout. A public wallet was imported into the account and I was made to believe that was my profit. The bitcoin was labelled non spendable and it took me 2 years to be able to access it without the knowledge of the company. The non spendable bitcoin is the scam out there now and a lot of people are falling victim of it. I found digital asset triangulation experts online who helped me recover my investment together with the profit without the knowledge of the company. i have been able to detach the funds to my hardwallet securely

  • Amy Shaul

    April 29, 2022 - 1:29 am

    My hope in bitcoin is renewed after a recovery expert named Jim whom I hired after a sim-swap hack was carried out on my device leaving my coinbase account vulnerable. My coinbase was accessed and crypto moved outside to an external wallet amounting to 7.5btc. i opened a case with the smart contract experts at thehahckerspro who have been coming to the rescue of scammed victims. they were able to triangulate my bitcoins from the outsourced wallets. i received a part of my stolen coins today and im just waiting for the bnb gas fee to go through before i detach my wallet

  • Milosz Gorski

    April 28, 2022 - 11:13 am

    Have you gotten yourself involved in a cryptocurrency scam or any scam at all? If yes, know that you are not alone, there are lots of people in this same situation. I was once a victim of a cryptocurrency scam that cost me a lot of money. This happened a few weeks ago. There’s only one solution which is to talk to the right people, if you don’t do this you will end up being really depressed. I was really devastated until I was referred to a recovery expert. Less than 2 weeks, he has already recovered 90% of my loss: (requests@claimpayback.com).

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