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MetaMask integrates EIP-4361 to improve security for users

crypto news hologram brain trading chart background bright tones low poly style

crypto news hologram brain trading chart background bright tones low poly style

MetaMask has allowed users to authenticate themselves to online services safely using its cryptocurrency wallet by implementing the EIP-4361 standard.

This standard’s primary objective is to give Ethereum account holders a more consistent method for authenticating themselves while using off-chain services. The wallet project collaborated with Spruce, a digital identification and data supplier, to accomplish this connection.

Users of wallet projects like MetaMask can sign a standard message format to log in to websites once EIP-4361 is implemented. Users who browse supported websites will get a pop-up prompting them to examine various facts, such as the website name, session details, and security methods, such as a nonce, and validate the right domain name. 

This is done to prevent unauthorized access from dangerous websites. This provides a decentralized identity storage option as an alternative to centralized identity providers like email or phone numbers.

The Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4361, also known as the “sign-in with ethereum” method, was first presented by developers in 2021 as a means for wallet providers to allow authentication using an Ethereum wallet for use with off-chain services.

MetaMask is not the first wallet provider to implement such security criteria. Phantom, a competing wallet service, also deployed a counterpart of ERC-4361 to the Solana blockchain in February.

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