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Analysts bet on BTC and ETH to rally amid banking nightmare

USDT depegged to the upside2

USDT depegged to the upside2

The a banking debacle exacerbated investors’ anxiety over a potential worldwide economic slowdown, and a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis.

According to three industry analysts,  the current banking crisis is the catalyst that will cause bitcoin and ethereum to experience massive price explosions.

Chris Burniske, a former crypto analyst at Ark Invest, Mike McGlone, a senior macro strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, and Robert Kiyosaki, a well-known author, and businessman, are the three financial experts featured in a recent video from altcoin daily. 

According to McGlone, the widespread use of bitcoin worldwide will undoubtedly give it a performance advantage over other cryptocurrencies.

In addition, McGlone noted that investors are bullish about bitcoin’s potential to overtake the market capitalization of gold. Warren Buffet, a seasoned investor, has said that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have no fundamental value.

Kiyosaki condemned Buffet for making this statement.

Incidentally, Buffett previously described bitcoin as “rat poison squared” and predicted that the value of bitcoin will ultimately reach zero. He was right about the latter prediction, yet.

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What is next for blockchain?

As a direct consequence, investors’ perspectives on bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital assets have drastically switched to products with considerably less risk. 

The value of investors’ cash is continually eroded when they cling to fiat currencies, resulting from escalating global inflation. On the other hand, despite the uncertain state of the world’s financial markets, the price of bitcoin has increased by about 70% year to date.

Investors have come to a widespread understanding that the risk-to-reward ratio associated with leading digital assets is more appealing when compared to that of conventional stock markets. The web3 business has gained a substantial competitive advantage over conventional financial institutions in the last several years. 

In addition, blockchain technology has shown to be more beneficial for widespread adoption via smart contracts, expediting global supply chain administration.

In light of this, despite the significant efforts taken, it is anticipated that the value of banking stocks will continue to decline around the globe in the coming quarters. requiring nations’ governments to issue more money to support conventional banking systems.

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