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Euler exploiter remorseful, returns more funds to protocol

SatoshiChain Brings Bitcoin to DeFi01

SatoshiChain Brings Bitcoin to DeFi01

The person behind the March 13 Euler Finance hack has apologized for the attack and returned millions of dollars worth of stolen crypto to the decentralized finance platform.

In the latest episode of what has become an intriguing drama, the attacker, who identified himself as “Jacob” in an encoded transaction message, transferred about 7700 ETH, valued at approximately $13.2 million to Euler’s deployer wallet on March 27.

Hacker has returned $120 million

According to the blockchain security company CertiK, in 13 hours, the attacker returned 30 million DAI and 23,200 ETH, valued at about $40 million.

PeckShield, another blockchain security firm, has confirmed the hacker transferred an additional 5 million DAI to Euler on March 28.

The attacker has so far given back around $120 million, starting with the return of about 100 ETH, worth about $165,000 at the time, to a victim’s address.

The victim had taken to social media to plead with the hacker, saying the stolen funds were their life savings.

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On March 18, the attacker gave back another 3,000 ETH worth $5.4 million, this time to the DeFi protocol, which led many people on social media to speculate that he had reached an agreement with Euler.

He made several other returns using different wallets labeled Euler Exploiter 2 through 6. The biggest was the 51,000 ETH valued at $102 million he gave back on March 25.

At that time, several other wallets associated with the hacker sent conflicting encoded messages to Euler and the entities it had assigned to investigate the exploit.

As reported by crypto.news, a wallet labeled Euler Exploiter 2 contained a message indicating its owner was willing to share information regarding the hack in exchange for 10% of the stolen funds. 

However, a second wallet labeled Euler Exploiter 3 sent another message, offering to spill the beans on the entire operation. The owner stated they were not interested in the $1 million bounty Euler had put out.

Attacker remorseful, promises to return remaining funds soon

Alongside the stolen money, the hacker also sent a string of blockchain messages expressing remorse for the attack, saying he had “messed up” with other people’s lives, jobs, and money.

The hacker also promised to return the rest of the money as soon as possible. He said he had taken so long to return the money because he was concerned about his safety.

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