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MCADE online arcade is popular on Reddit in the ongoing presale

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  • MCADE online arcade is popular on Reddit in the ongoing presale
Reddit Crypto Enthusiasts1

Reddit Crypto Enthusiasts1

It’s no secret that Reddit Crypto has become a hub for retail traders who want to track the latest trends in these and other markets. Therefore, it is not surprising that Metacade’s MCADE presale is a popular topic of conversation on the social media platform. With the presale in progress, anyone purchasing MCADE tokens becomes an investor.

Metacade has a following on Reddit because of the revenue avenues outlined in the project’s white paper. Since this web3 gaming platform will be a DAO, revenue generated will be distributed to MCADE token holders.

MCADE token holders can earn revenue via pay-to-play arcade games, advertising, companies paying to launch their projects on Metacade, entry fees for drawings and tournaments, job listings, and more.

To earn rewards via Metacade, MCADE holders must stake their tokens on the platform. All rewards will be paid out in stablecoins rather than MCADE tokens. This benefits MCADE holders because rewards paid to holders will not dilute the MCADE crypto asset. 

MCADE price prediction for 2023

Much of the attention in the crypto space revolves around bitcoin due to the ongoing banking crisis in the United States. However, bitcoin bull markets tend to pump altcoins. Altcoins have previously outperformed bitcoin during the peak of bull markets.

Metacade involves the creation of a platform with actual goods and services to be experienced by users. Due to how MCADE tokens work on the Metacade, investors are excited about the potential for the success of this web3 gaming ecosystem to trickle down to MCADE holders, possibly lifting prices.

What is the point of MCADE?

Metacade aims to construct a platform for a community of gamers and gaming developers who can all work together to create the best possible web3 gaming platform for the future. The ongoing MCADE token presale is a crucial precursor to the development of this platform, as has been covered in Reddit crypto circles.

According to the Metacade team, they’re mainly interested in putting games back into the hands of the gamers by giving them an ownership share in the platform they use to play their games on. In other words, gamers can profit from the platform they’re using for gaming as long as they’re holders of the MCADE token.

There will be four main options for interacting with the Metacade platform, and these four pillars will provide sources of revenue for members of the Metacade DAO.

Play-2-Earn (P2E) will be the primary way Metacade earns revenue, and it will be the way most users interact with the platform too. In the P2E model, users can earn crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with real-world value while playing games.

There will also be Compete2Earn options for gamers who want to try to use their skills to earn more money than is available via the P2E model. Users can use MCADE tokens to enter cash tournaments where the winners are rewarded with MCADE.

Create2Earn will also be available to users who want to earn crypto by contributing content to the Metacade platform. This content could be anything from teaching gamers how to improve their skill level in a particular game to writing reviews of games.

Finally, the Work2Earn will be a vital part of the Metacade platform that makes it possible for the system to run in a primarily autonomous manner into the future. The Work2Earn options on Metacade will involve using a job board for those looking for part-time or full-time jobs in the Metacade ecosystem. Non-developers can get involved by getting paid to test new, upcoming games for the platform.

Who should buy MCADE?

Anyone who believes in the potential for web3 gaming platforms to upend the traditional gaming industry should closely examine the Metacade token presale and track the discussions on Reddit Crypto. The Metacade team plans to add value to token holders. Meanwhile, that MCADE stakers will be rewarded with stablecoins could draw more attention to the project. 

You can participate in the Metacade final stage presale here.

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