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Donald Trump’s NFT cards value surges following his indictment

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donald trump

donald trump

In a hearing on March 30, a US jury passed a verdict indicting former US president and commander-in-chief Donald Trump. All of a sudden, this sparked interest in his infamous NFTs again.

Donald Trump, the former president of the USA, has faced serious legal problems in recent weeks.

On March 30, US Manhattan Grand jury indicted the former country’s president. Based on reports, Trump now faces arrest in the coming days.

Trump’s indictment is mainly because of an ongoing probe involving obfuscation of money paid by the former president to pornstar Stormy Daniels.

The reaction, mainly from the political class, has been quite interesting. While some people are genuinely satisfied with the news, others are seemingly concerned about the direction the US democracy is taking. 

Questions over the motive of arresting the presidential competitor just one year before the elections have been raised.

Trumps NFT cards surge

Interestingly, owing to the news about his indictment, Donald Trump’s NFTs have seemingly been recording positive price movements. According to recent reports, the NFTs surged 11% within 24 hours following the indictment announcement.

Essentially, the NFT’s floor price was in the range of 0.475 ETH before the indictment news. The NFTs surged to over 0.6 ETH immediately following the announcement.

Another data from Cryptoslam indicates that the sales associated with Trump NFTs increased by nearly 500% following the news. The reports suggest that the sales in the past 24 hours were around $185.5k. Furthermore, the number of transactions increased by about 381%. 

The excellent performance of the Trump NFTs was also noticed when the rumors of the possible arrest surfaced sometime in mid-March. Based on reports, the NFTs surged over 30% owing to the reports.

This indictment comes when the US faces its worst economic problems, with several banks dying. The market reaction in the coming days is vital to watch.

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