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EU banks develop blockchain-based bond trading platform

Bluelight – economic strategy2

Bluelight – economic strategy2

Credit Agricole CIB and SEB, two major European banks, have partnered to develop “sobond,” a blockchain-based platform for digital bonds, focused on enhancing efficiency and promoting sustainability in traditional finance.

Credit Agricole CIB, a leading French investment bank, and SEB, a prominent Swedish bank, have partnered to create a blockchain-based platform for digital bonds. This initiative aims to enhance efficiency and facilitate real-time data synchronization in the traditional finance sector.

The platform, dubbed “sobond,” will enable companies to raise capital through the issuance of digital bonds on a blockchain network.

By leveraging smart contracts, users can manage securities and raise funds more effectively. While other projects are also exploring the application of blockchain technology in traditional markets, the timeline for sobond’s launch remains unclear.

To ensure the platform remains sustainable and open, Credit Agricole CIB and SEB have adopted a unique validation protocol called Proof of Climate awaReness (PoCR).

The protocol incentivizes users to reduce their environmental footprint by offering rewards based on their climate impact. The lower the footprint, the greater the reward.

PoCR aims to achieve energy consumption levels similar to those of non-blockchain systems.

Each node in the network receives compensation according to a formula tied to its environmental impact. The platform’s environmental footprint is measured by France’s APL data center and validated by certification expert SGS.

The sobond platform marks the first implementation of the PoCR protocol in global capital markets.

As more traditional financial institutions explore the potential of blockchain technology, this project demonstrates the growing importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness in the sector.

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