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Shibburn hints at new web3 marketplace

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A shiba inu burn campaign known as Shibburn said it would soon announce a new web3 initiative that will be included in the redesigned Shibburn website. 

As per the report, the platform will include a marketplace, wallet, and a few additional surprises, powered by SHIB token.

Burn update

The SHIB burner has also made public a significant new development in the SHIB burning. It claims that during this whole time, it was able to follow burns that took place inside verified burn addresses.

Despite this, some transactions were routed to the SHIB contract address, which is equally unrecoverable. It is possible that these transactions were sent to the SHIB contract on purpose, but it is also possible that they were sent there by accident.

In addition, the SHIB burner reports that it has been notified of additional transactions sent to other contracts with renounced ownership and that the updates for such arrangements will soon be delivered.

It was claimed that 6,782,788,547 tokens had been destroyed in March 2022; however, when an additional 326,548,824 SHIB were transferred to the SHIB contract, the total number of tickets that were burned increased to 7,109,337,371 SHIB.

In addition, for the year 2022, it was stated that 83,347,071,504 tokens were delivered to wallets that were later found to be defunct.

Nonetheless, 17,150,817,835 tokens have yet to be accounted for, which brings the revised total for SHIBs that have been burnt to 100,497,889,339.

The SHIB price reaction

Shibburn hints at new web3 marketplace - 1
Shib 24-hour charts | Source: CMC

SHIB bears dominated today’s market session as the asset had recorded a 1.3% decrease in valuation within the same period. SHIB’s market cap also registered a decrease of 1.5% as the trading volume reduced by 45%.

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