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NVIR by NvirWorld tops search volume ranking on MEXC, a global cryptocurrency exchange

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INNODEX positioned to compete1 1

INNODEX positioned to compete1 1

The layer-3 mainnet project, NvirWorld, which launched its official trading service through the hybrid, decentralized exchange, INNODEX, is gaining traction.

In the third week of March, NVIR, which had already taken second place in search volume after CryptoGPT on MEXC, a cryptocurrency exchange, rose to the top of the search rankings.

In February, a media outlet named NvirWorld as one of the top two altcoins that could attract attention in 2023, along with Baby Doge. Since then, NvirWorld, whose creator describes it as the next-generation Ethereum, is being searched more by traders and investors.

 NvirWorld is attracting trader attention

NVIR, the native token of NvirWorld, which has a similar burning mechanism to Ethereum, is a deflationary coin. It is burned via its mainnet gas fee developed via an independent technology. The difference from Ethereum is that the burning is from a limited quantity without additional issuance.

The scarcity of NVIR can be advantageous in the long haul. Even so, there are questions about what may be behind the spike in the search for NVIR in recent weeks. The answer to this lies in the technology behind NvirWorld. Currently, most major blockchain projects use their mainnet or rely on specific projects to enhance the utilization of large mainnets. As such, it is evident that the mainnet is critical in determining a project’s usage and growth potential in the blockchain. Furthermore, implementing the mainnet is proof of the project creator’s technological capabilities.

Ahead of the mainnet launch in Q4, NvirWorld has already prepared many ecosystems, such as NFT marketplaces, play-to-earn (P2E)-decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, and online virtual galleries. It is a different approach from other projects that gradually build their ecosystems after launching their mainnet.

The recently launched hybrid, decentralized exchange, INNODEX, has fast transaction speed, implements dual security measures, and is cost-effective. Even though it is a decentralized exchange has no gas fees. This is achieved due to the “Stay Pending” technology in NvirWorld, which helps further narrows the gap between decentralized and centralized exchanges. This technology collects transaction records and posts the result on the blockchain, reducing the burden of transaction gas fees while maximizing convenience. This is a core factor in lowering barrier entries to decentralized exchange, securing liquidity, and providing various trading services close to centralized exchanges.

NvirWorld also possesses patented technology that allows cryptocurrency payments and transactions even during network disruptions. This solution will launch in Q4 2023.

What is the future of NvirWorld?

NvirWorld is gaining global attention and has already been introduced through documentary programs on MBC and Channel A in South Korea. This spotlight is primarily due to what NVirWorld has achieved so far.

Since the mainnet already has a vibrant community even before launch, the impact of its activation could be even greater even as the blockchain’s token becomes deflationary.

Besides the INNODEX exchange, P2E games, and social casinos set to open in Q2, and considering the layer-3 mainnet unveiled in the fourth quarter, NvirWorld’s prospects look promising.

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