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Enjin token soars amid new NFT marketplace expectations

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The enjin token is on for a rally amid the anticipation of the Enjin NFT marketplace launch. Enjin, trading at $0.48 as of press time, had recorded a 14 % increase in valuation within 24 hours. The asset has also recorded an 18% increase for the week.

Enjin token soars amid new NFT marketplace expectations - 1
ENJ 24-hour charts | Source: CMC

An 876% increase in trading volume also shows enormous interest shifting onto the network that the markets have experienced within the same period. The assets market cap also increased by 14%.

A new NFT marketplace set to launch soon 

The recent surge can be attributed to the oncoming development of the Enjin network. Enjin, the blockchain-based gaming platform, has announced the launch of a new marketplace to simplify the management of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for developers, indie game developers, and gaming enthusiasts. 

Enjin aims to make it easier for users to create collections, tokens, and beams with this new platform. The marketplace will also enable game developers to approve, freeze, mutate, and destroy assets within an easy-to-use user interface.

The blockchain has been at the forefront of using NFTs in gaming, allowing players to earn and trade unique items. With the launch of this new marketplace, Enjin is taking another step towards making NFTs more accessible to developers and gamers.

The platform is designed to simplify developers’ lives, indie game devs, and anyone passionate about blockchain tech. The company understands that usability is the key to success, and they prioritize making things work for game developers and their players.

With this new marketplace, Enjin hopes to attract even more developers and gamers to its platform.

Enjin has promised to share more updates on the new marketplace in the coming weeks, so gamers and developers should stay tuned to their social media channels for the latest news.

Launching this new marketplace is undoubtedly a significant step forward for Enjin and the blockchain gaming industry as a whole. It will make it easier for developers to create and manage NFTs, which could lead to more innovative games and virtual worlds in the future.

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