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OpenSea Pro overtakes rival Blur as addresses and volumes spike

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NFT aggregator OpenSea Pro witnessed an increase in active addresses and transaction volumes after its launch this week, overtaking Blur, an NFT marketplace.

The surge in numbers follows the announcement of OpenSea Pro’s new offering that targets professional NFT traders.

OpenSea Pro marketplace has been able to dominate and take charge of most transactions in the ever-competitive market. The prominent NFT marketplace was launched to compete with the zero-fee platform Blur.

OpenSea Pro maintains the top share among NFT aggregators

The numbers surged following its launch on April 4 when OpenSea Pro announced an offering meant to improve the experience of the professional traders on the platform.

According to Dune statistics, OpenSea Pro’s new addresses surged above 1,800 daily before reverting to 1,000. The number of active addresses also spiked to over 3,500 daily and now hovers around 3,000.

OpenSea Pro overtakes rival Blur as addresses and volumes spike - 1
New Daily addresses on OpenSea Pro following the launch on April 4| Source: Dune

The platform’s daily volume surpassed $3 million and has been hovering above $2.5 million ever since.

OpenSea Pro overtakes rival Blur as addresses and volumes spike - 2
Daily volume in USD on OpenSea Pro since its launch Source: Dune

Blur vs. OpenSea Pro

The two NFT aggregators, Blur and OpenSea Pro, have undergone quite a battle this week. Blur has been dominating the marketplace since its arrival due to its high-profile airdrops.

However, this week, OpenSea Pro took the lead following the increase in transaction share before losing it to Blur on April 7.

The platform garnered 55.1% of the entire market on April 5, whereas Blur dominated 29.5%. The numbers got better for OpenSea on April 6, with a whopping 58.4% market share. The platform has maintained above 50% of the total transactions among NFT aggregators.

Formerly, before its acquisition by OpenSea, the NFT aggregator was known as Gem. Open Sea acquired it back in April 2022 as a way of showing support to the growing NFT community.

During the launch, OpenSea expressed their excitement in rolling out a platform that would equip and allow collectors to get the best deals across 170 marketplaces and gain access to sophisticated tools that will quench their automation needs.

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