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Aumenta Solutions, MSI developing a real-time ports infrastructure maintenance platform on Ardor

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Aumenta Solutions03

Aumenta Solutions03

Jelurida, Aumenta Solutions, and MSI are joining hands to revolutionize the port infrastructure industry, a recent press release on April 11 shows.

Serving the multi-billion ports infrastructure industry

By building a solution on Ardor, a blockchain network; while also integrating augmented reality (AR), users would receive real-time information about maintenance data and even share them instantaneously, increasing efficiency and uptime. Furthermore, the platform will include a certification program so users can timely execute tasks on-site.

Port infrastructure is critical for the maritime industry and, by extension, the real economy. They are crucial in servicing ships and all vessels that pass through and anchor on the port. This is the reason why the industry commands a multi-billion valuation. By 2030, research data shows that the project could reach over $243b. Aumenta Solutions, Jelurida, and MSI are collaborating to create a timely solution to fill gaps in this industry.

The Ardor-based solution follows the efforts of the TECNIO Centre EASY research group from the University of Girona, who, together with Aumenta Solutions, joined the INNOTEC project to create a real-time maintenance system for the ports industry. 

The solution rolled out in 2020 was anchored on the blockchain. Their goal at that time was to combine the transparency and reliability of the blockchain system with building a certification system that also roped in AR for a platform that overly increased efficiency and permitted real-time traceability of maintenance operations.

In 2023, the port infrastructure maintenance project is being developed by Aumenta Solutions, an AR- technology firm based in Spain; and MSI. As part of their quest to drastically increase efficiency, the platform would enable workers to access digital information on-site, including schematics and maintenance manuals. Additionally, the platform would automatically certify users to perform specific tasks with authentication executed from the Ardor blockchain.

AR technology on Ardor is a game changer

Jelurida, a Swiss-based software development company that maintains Ardor and NXT blockchains, will introduce the project. A representative from Jelurida, Francisco Sarrias, said introducing AR technology will be a game changer.

“The use of AR technology is a game-changer for maintenance in the port construction and asset management industry. It allows maintenance workers to access real-time digital information, improving efficiency and reducing downtime. We are excited to introduce this new technology to the industry and help drive innovation in maintenance processes.”

In December 2022, eSignus, a cyber-security and blockchain firm, integrated, amongst other protocols, Ardor, into HASHWallet Link, a hardware wallet. With this move, the cold wallet became the first in the globe to support ARDR, the native currency of Ardor.

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