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Crypto scams escalate as CertiK reports 27 incidents in past week

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hacking occurred on the centralized2

hacking occurred on the centralized2

CertiK, a popular blockchain security network, tweeted that there were about 27 security incidents in the crypto space in the past seven days. 

Security incidents in crypto

Security is still a significant concern in crypto, with many major attacks recorded in recent months. On April 14, CertiK Alert tweeted that they recorded about 27 incidents of security attacks in the past week alone. 

The @CertiKAlert tweet noted that about $52.2 million was lost in crypto because of the attacks.

Based on the tweet, the most significant incident was that of the crypto exchange network Bitrue, which lost about $23 million in various crypto assets. The attackers exposed assets like ether, MATIC, SHIB, QNT, GALA, and HOT. These exploits only compromised one of the many wallets associated with Bitrue.

Bitrue confirmed the reports by tweeting, “We have identified a brief exploit in one of our hot wallets on 07:18 (UTC), April 14 2023… We were able to address this matter quickly and prevented the further exploit of funds.”

CertiK also noted that there were several other minor attacks. For instance, CertiK identified four major discord hacks and a Twitter hack. Moreover, CertiK highlighted that there were about 14 phishing attacks in the same duration.

On April 10, CertiK flagged another exploit of GDAC. Reports indicated that most of the funds were stolen from the Wemix blockchain. The same day, CertiK highlighted another exploit on @Terraport_, who suffered a breach of their liquidity wallet.

On this same day, @CertiKAlert reported about a fake Sui Twitter account promoting a phishing site. CertiK mentioned a popular phishing site EOA EOA 0xA47…aC3Ec, which has been able to steal over ~$35k in just a ten-day duration.

On April 11, reports emerged that the discord server of @meanfinance was compromised. Others like @MetaPoint1024 and SyncDex Finance have also recently experienced significant breaches. 

Just recently, The @FTC released a report noting that between Jan 2021 and March 2022, crypto scammers stole over $1 billion. The significant cons included investment scams and romance scams.

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