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Meet Bluelight.inc mascots 



Bluelight.inc stands out from many blockchain games with its bold humor and amusing lore. It is a virtual startup simulator based on the Take My Muffin cartoon series. By combining 3D and 2D elements, the Bluelight.inc game features characters that represent the project and can interact with players. 

What is Bluelight.inc

The simulator game emerges players into the atmosphere of a tycoon party in San Crypto, a virtual Silicon Valley, whose residents aim to work in the Bluelight Corporation. Inhabited by business sharks, top dogs, and various species, the valley is the best place to build your virtual startup. Everyone can scale their business from a garage to a sleek skyscraper and make cash. 

Among many aspiring startupers, a team that dreams of creating a disruptive business strives to fulfill its crazy ideas, fails, and tries again. They crave to get noticed by the business community; which is more than justified, each is a nugget. These characters will appear in Bluelight.inc, accompanying players through the game process and amusing them. Let’s get acquainted with these talented guys. 

Greet Bluelight.inc dream team

Dealan: The leader, the risk-taker, the playboy

Having entrepreneurship skills in his DNA, Dealan is the crew’s captain. He personifies the image of a trickster: He never misses a bargain, likes chit-chatting, and sometimes can be very irresponsible. He enjoys noisy parties and town gossip and, most likely, will become a San Crypto celebrity one day. Being a go-getter, Dealan can seduce nearly every woman he dates. Nonetheless, his heart gravitates towards Chip Polina, his intelligent and hot teammate. 

Gua: A perfect girl with a skeleton in her closet

Gifted with natural beauty and wit, Gua has a perfectionist syndrome and suffers from seeing the flaws of the wicked and cruel capitalism-driven world. Before becoming the human resource admin in Dealan’s team, she used to work full-time in the adult industry, but this chapter of her life is almost over. Gua is stressed about interacting with people but regards it as a chance to fulfill her lifetime wish; finding a sister she lost in her childhood. Like many girls, Gua couldn’t resist Dealan’s charms but is more sympathetic to Evrik.

Evrik: A hopeless dreamer with a golden brain and heart

Everyone has a friend like that. He is that nice guy, the humble genius, and the main generator of ideas. Evrik does not seek glory or acclaim. He is happy being a part of Dealan’s team, generating and fulfilling ideas. Since childhood, he has been fond of experiments and accidentally grew a bulb that mutated into a living creature…it was Chip Polina. Evrik desperately loves her but is too humble to confess it. 

Meta L: An introverted artist and rock music fan

The next character is Meta L, a shark who has recently become vegetarian and is still struggling with his instincts. Meta L loves rock music, learns swimming, and always takes a chance to draw sketches in his notebook. Being an introverted artist, he lives in his creative world and is not a great talker. He’s devoted to Dealan and his team but does not want to be involved in intra-team shenanigans. 

Chip Polina: A smart and sexy engineer

Chip Polina is a scientist-engineer with an IQ of 300. Unsurprisingly, she makes men cry with her beauty and killer jokes. Raised by Evrik, she has been his friend since childhood but does not treat him as a parent. Instead, she takes care of her creator and gets involved in Dealan’s risky ventures to protect Evrik. Behind a bulletproof wall of sarcasm and skepticism, the sensible soul dreams of entering the human world and finding true love. 

Mascots’ functions

Dealan’s dream team will appear in the Bluelight.inc metaverse, and players will meet them when exploring San Crypto. Mascots will perform various roles, including:

  • Walking the streets and challenging players with quests or providing some rewards, such as in-game objects or KALE. You will likely be able to see them on the city map.
  • Accompanying players through onboarding, explaining game mechanics, and giving tips on successfully completing projects or developing virtual startups.
  • Randomly appearing in offices and performing various tasks, such as upgrading furniture, giving out buffs, and more. 

Moreover, mascots will be released as ultra-rare non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and sold on the official marketplace. All details will be announced later. 

Disclosure: This content is provided by a third party. crypto.news does not endorse any product mentioned on this page. Users must do their own research before taking any actions related to the company.

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