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DigiToads offers more staking rewards than Chainlink and Polygon

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Cryptocurrency staking is like putting aside money in a bank savings account and earning interest. Except, the returns with crypto staking are can be much higher. Presently, DigiToads is among crypto projects offering high staking rewards.

The project has a community-centric focus ensuring users’ concerns are adequately addressed. Looking at the staking rewards offered, DigiToads can outperform popular projects like Polygon, an Ethereum sidechain; and Chainlink, an oracle provider. 

DigiToads: Combining versatility and functionality

DigiToads is a meme coin and web3 game developed as a single platform on Ethereum. It offers play-to-earn (P2E) and stake-to-earn opportunities for participants.

Users can earn attractive returns by staking the meme coin and participating in the play-to-earn game. However, there are other options to earn passive income. For instance, users can stake non-fungible tokens (NFTs). At the same time, the platform distributes monthly rewards while offering weekly and daily prizes. They are also regular trading competitions. 

A user can access them by holding the platform’s native token, TOADS. It is the entry point for the DigiToads ecosystem. 585m TOADS will be minted and availed for purchase during the presale that’s currently at the 4th stage, dubbed “Lillypad4”. This presale process will be conducted in 10 phases.

Buyers can access the tokens immediately after the purchase because there is no vesting period for TOADS.

Over time, the DigiToads team will introduce the “TOADS School” to spread awareness about cryptocurrencies; anyone with a minimum of three TOADS NFTs can access it. This initiative is suitable for crypto beginners. The team will also donate 2.5% of the annual profits to organizations working to preserve rainforests.

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Chainlink was developed as a blockchain abstraction layer to boost smart contracts’ capability. It leverages an oracles-baed network to facilitate interactions between blockchains, data feeds, payment platforms, and events. With these interactions, Chainlink generates off-chain information that amps up smart contracts’ utility.

Its native token, LINK, facilitates all transactional uses that one may come across on this network. Chainlink is a decentralized network that requires nodal operators who run its data infrastructure. In exchange, these users get paid in LINK. Based on the candlestick arrangement, it appears that the token is being accumulated.

Uniswap to launch on Polygon zkEVM

Polyon is a decentralized platform providing tools for scaling dapps and virtual machines in Ethereum. Its native token, MATIC, is for settling all transactional needs within the network.

Polygon’s zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) is a rollup that balances security and speed with a cost-effective framework. Users looking for app-specific tools can use Polygon’s Supernets. With Supernets, developers can deploy app chains powered by leading technology.

Another option is the Polygon Miden that allows users to deploy dapps equipped with client-side proving. Uniswap, a decentralized exchange (DEX), will partner with Polygon to roll out a zkEVM rollup solution.

Exploring DigiToads

For what the platform offers, DigiToads can be considered to be a top cryptocurrency even amid the ongoing presale.

Apart from possible financial gain, investors can grow with the platform. For example, in trading competitions, contest winners can be trained in treasury management. Here, the team incentivizes them to do what’s best for the DigiToads ecosystem. 

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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