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Non-genuine players disrupt stability of web3 games, research shows

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gaming gamer gamepad web3

gaming gamer gamepad web3

The activities of non-genuine gamers in web3 gaming metaverses may disrupt the economic stability and balance of the game, thereby significantly decreasing the overall value of the gaming platform, research shows.

Blockchain gaming has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to their support for NFTs and digital collectibles, making it possible for gamers to monetize their gaming efforts. As of 2022, the web3 gaming ecosystem had an estimated worth of $4.6 billion, forecasted to rise to $65.7 billion by 2027.

However, according to Footprint Analytics’s findings, using the Era7 metaverse, non-genuine players pose a considerable threat to the balance and sustainability of web3 gaming platforms.

According to the report entitled “Uncovering Insights and Opportunities through Player Data Analysis in the Blockchain Industry,” the number of active user addresses related to blockchain gaming as of March stood at 1.5 million, including the addresses of non-genuine players who are only interested in earning crypto and NFT rewards by completing in-game tasks.

“Non-genuine players in games, through concentrated and high-frequency operations to farm gold, may disrupt the game’s balance and economic stability, thereby reducing the value of the GameFi project itself,” noted the researchers.”

Footprint Analytics

The study finds that since non-genuine players often carry out mass operations, their activities can destroy the game’s fairness and affect user experience and enjoyment.

What’s more, the researchers have also made it clear that the unfair advantage gained by non-genuine gamers undermines the game’s competitiveness, causing disappointment and frustration among players and ultimately triggering a decline in the number of genuine players.

The report also outlines ways gaming projects can identify and take action against non-genuine players, including through graph algorithms, player behavior, fund pathways, and more.

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