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Gate Pay and City Pay partner to allow Georgian merchants to make crypto payments

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Tezro Launches3

Tezro Launches3

Through a collaboration between Gate Pay and CityPay.io, retailers in Georgia can now accept cryptocurrency payments. This provides customers with access to the advantages offered by cryptocurrency services.

A partnership between the cryptocurrency payment service Gate Pay, provided by the cryptocurrency exchange company Gate.io, and the Georgia-based startup CityPay.io, which specializes in cryptocurrency payments, has just been established.

Because of this agreement, over 600 retailers in Georgia will be able to use alternative payment methods based on cryptocurrencies to sell their goods and services.

According to the statement, by working with CityPay.io, users of Gate.io and Gate Pay will have the chance to connect with various businesses throughout Georgia. This will make it easier for users to engage in various day-to-day activities such as making hotel reservations, buying at supermarkets, and making restaurant payments.

Notably, the restaurant chain Wendy’s is one of the partners of CityPay.io, which allows customers to pay for their meals using various cryptocurrencies. Customers may pay for their meals with cryptocurrencies at Wendy’s.

According to Feng Zhou, director of Gate Pay, the purpose of creating Gate Pay was to link consumers with companies, goods, and apps welcoming to cryptocurrencies. This was done to bridge the gap between web3 and people’s day-to-day lives.

Therefore, to provide businesses with cryptocurrency payment services, the Gate Pay team has partnered with several partners, such as CityPay.

As a result of their partnership, Gate Pay and CityPay.io can provide a web3 shopping experience to a much larger number of retailers and consumers in the area. This growth will be made easier thanks to the user base and user experience offered by Gate Pay and the business network and coverage offered by CityPay.io in Georgia.


It’s nothing new for Gate Group to try new things to broaden the scope of its commercial operations.

On Feb. 22, the business made public its plan to pursue the acquisition of a crypto license in Hong Kong, which would pave the way for the launch of “Gate HK.”

As a result of its crypto-friendly policies, Georgia has emerged as one of the most crypto-friendly nations in the world. As a result, many cryptocurrency firms have established operations in the area. The government of Georgia has big plans to make the nation a key center for cryptocurrency operations worldwide.

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