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Romania unveils national NFT marketplace

Blockchain Week Rome06

Blockchain Week Rome06

In a move that further solidifies Romania’s commitment to the digital frontier, the country has taken a bold step by launching its very own national NFT marketplace.

This innovative platform is designed to thrust the country into the web3 era, fostering a flourishing environment for local artists and creators to exhibit their skills and simultaneously promoting Romania’s rich cultural legacy and artistic expertise on an international stage.

With the full backing of the Romanian government and Romania’s National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI Bucharest), the national NFT marketplace, named ICI D|Services, enables creators to mint, purchase, and trade distinct digital assets and will be going live on April 26th.

Utilizing the capabilities of blockchain technology, the platform guarantees the security, transparency, and immutability of transactions. Consequently, both creators and collectors can reap the benefits of this avant-garde digital framework, which offers a reliable arena for NFT transactions.


One of the key advantages of the national NFT marketplace is that it facilitates the seamless integration of Romania’s existing creative economy into the burgeoning global digital landscape. By providing a centralized platform, the marketplace aims to foster greater collaboration and innovation among local artists and creators.

Furthermore, the initiative is expected to spur economic growth and job creation in the country, as it attracts international investors and collectors seeking unique digital art and collectibles.


Romania’s foray into the NFT space also serves as a testament to its progressive approach to digital transformation.

The country has already demonstrated its commitment to technological advancement through initiatives like the recent Digital Romania Strategy, which lays out a comprehensive roadmap for the nation’s digital development in the coming years.

The launch of the national NFT marketplace is yet another crucial milestone in Romania’s journey towards becoming a key player in the global digital economy.

The global NFT market’s ongoing growth highlights the importance of Romania’s entry into this arena through the creation of its own national NFT marketplace.

This innovative platform serves to not only bolster the capabilities of Romanian creators and artists but also positions the country to have a more substantial impact in the fast-paced realm of web3 and digital assets.

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