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SushiSwap streamlines operations for long-term success

crypto news sushi on a plate the trading chart background bright colors hight poy style

crypto news sushi on a plate the trading chart background bright colors hight poy style

SushiSwap head chef Jared Grey stated on Twitter that the bug in SushiSwap RouterProcessro2 is now fixed, users have been funded, and his team is focusing on long-term viability. 

According to a thread on Twitter on April 26, Jared Grey, the head chef at SushiSwap, a decentralized exchange, stated that the RouteProcessor2 bug had been fixed, and users had received refunds. 

Grey stated it was a perfect time to update SushiSwap developments after claiming not to have published a thread for a while. The Sushi team has tried aligning SushiSwap with long-term sustainability and supporting the DAO with its technical expertise and resources.

SushiSwap had previously had governance problems, management changes, divergent product philosophies, and a large loss in treasury value.

Grey claims to have helped ease the product roadmap, optimize processes, and establish new revenue sources and business development plans to fulfill budgetary demands. The team also developed fresh approaches to decentralize DEX ownership further.

In addition, SushiSwap has made progress in solving sustainability issues and encouraging participation in its token ecosystem. The team is confident in their capacity to deliver while advancing the DEX’s and the DAO’s best interests, despite confronting challenges like raising Kanpai to 100% and dealing with aggressive trolls that seek to obstruct their progress. 

In January, SushiSwap introduced new tokenomics to promote sustainability by rewarding greater engagement in their DEX token economy and enhancing value. 

However, the Sushi team has been developing additional tokenomics models for the past four months, intending to reinforce their suggested model. The team is also preparing to completely rework their Chef contracts to increase the likelihood of success of tokenomics.

SushiSwap’s next step is moving the tokenomics into the governance process for final discussion and voting. Jared stated that promoting the acceptance of Uni’s V3 launch on Sushi over the broadest range of networks supported by any DEX is one of the main objectives of the new tokenomics.

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