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Sui announces the launch of its developer portal 

Palmswap v102

Palmswap v102

The Sui Network is doubling down on its preparations for the launch of its mainnet the next week and has now announced that it has launched its developer portal. 

According to what was discovered by the protocol, the dev portal will operate as a one-stop shop where members of the community’s builders can access instructional materials and technical help.

The Sui blockchain was developed from the ground up by Mysten Labs, whose key founders are former engineers who worked on the Facebook Libra/Diem project.

Its purpose is to compete with alternatives that are, comparatively speaking, not as scalable as the Sui blockchain. 

The Sui protocol is meant to revolutionize payments and microtransactions by providing network members with transaction costs that are either low or nonexistent altogether.

Notably, Sui is being sold as a cryptocurrency that would acquire enormous traction shortly after launching its mainnet. This is due to the design of Sui as well as the growth of its ecosystem. 

According to the dev portal, Sui blockchain has made it possible to acquire all the crucial support a developer would need to create on the platform.

It has also allowed users to contribute instructions to make the platform more accessible.

In the time leading up to the launch of the mainnet, there have been an increasing amount of rumors and speculations about the Sui Network’s native token.

CoinList has committed to listing the digital currency on its platform no later than May 3, even though its token has not yet been released.

KuCoin is another crypto exchange that supports the protocol. 

The amount of traction that Aptos (APT) achieved when it was first introduced has fueled much discussion over the potential for the success enjoyed by Sui.

The fact that Mysten Labs’ Move programming language was used in the development of both Sui Network and Aptos is the common thread that ties these two projects together. 

Both protocols could provide a comparable level of capability, and the community is excited about the possibilities for the industry.

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