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William Shatner unveils NFT collection, says crypto to explode

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hacking occurred on the centralized 3

During Consensus 2023, held on April 27, the famed actor William Shatner, known as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, unveiled an NFT line, which would follow his popular collection from three years earlier as he gave his prediction on crypto.

The 92-year-old actor discussed the reasons for his enthusiasm for web3 in the entertainment industry and his thoughts on the state of cryptography when humankind reaches the Star Trek period. 

Shatner’s blockchain journey

According to Shatner, his first time working with NFTs occurred in 2020, when 125,000 William Shatner trading cards sold out instantly on the Wax blockchain.

Later, a web3 gaming firm called Orange Comet approached him with an offer to launch his new collection called “Infinite Connections.” This collection comprises 2500 three-dimensional representations of William Shatner and reflects his philosophy that “everything is connected.”

“I have no idea what I’m doing regarding programming. However, I can comprehend feelings, dramatic situations, and things of a beautiful nature. I have a lot of experience in fields like that.”

William Shatner, actor.

Later on, Shatner discovered that NFTs had the potential to be “malleable” and “creative.” As a result, he eventually developed an interest in web3 technology due to its rapid development and progression. 

When William Shatner was asked whether Captain Kirk himself would be interested in cryptography, he said that by the time we reach the period of his universe, cryptography would be “way, so high.” 

“It’ll be so many thousands of dollars in value – the crypto coins, I would assume that the individuals living now who will live two or three hundred years will acquire crypto before it explodes! The crypto tokens will be so many thousands of dollars in value.”

William Shatner, actor.

In the end, Shatner disagreed with the predictions of specific crypto “doomsayers” who believe that fiat money is destined to fail and instead held the view that the United States would prosper in a future based on cryptocurrencies

Although Shatner does not invest in cryptocurrencies personally, he does not rule out the possibility that they may be valuable to others. 

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