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Venom rolls out public testnet for blockchain testing



Venom, a layer-1 blockchain licensed in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), has announced the launch of its public testnet. 

Experience Venom’s testnet ecosystem

The testnet allows developers and users to test and debug dapps and blockchain protocols, helping to foster innovation and community building within the ecosystem.

The Venom testnet ecosystem comes with a range of in-house features and applications, which includes the Venom Wallet, Venom Scan, VenomPools, Venom Bridge, and others, for users to test out. It aims to encourage developers to build innovative dapps, while providing users with a first-hand experience of the Venom Blockchain.

To participate in the testnet, users can download the Venom Wallet on mobile via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or on the desktop as a Google Chrome extension. They can then claim a free testnet allocation to start exploring the ecosystem.

Venom boasts an ultra-fast speed of 100k TPS and a dynamic sharding feature that enhances scalability and network reliability, making it an attractive tool for developers. The network’s interoperability and low transaction fees was designed to make it user-friendly for global adoption.

Peter Knez, the chair of the Venom Foundation Council, said:

“With our highly scalable and reliable asynchronous blockchain, we’re confident that developers will be able to build innovative dApps, while users will be able to experience them firsthand.”

Venom Foundation: Licensed in Abu Dhabi

The Venom Foundation is licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). The ADGM, which is an oasis for investors and financial services firms, which enables the acceleration of global web3 projects. 

This positions Venom as the world’s first regulation compliant blockchain, allowing authorities and enterprises the freedom to build, innovate, and scale with confidence. The Venom blockchain harbors the potential to function as the main infrastructure for a global ecosystem of web3 applications, thanks to its ultra-fast transaction speeds and infinite scalability to meet the demands of an ever-expanding user base.

The Venom Foundation has put together a comprehensive repository of developer documentation to help them get started on the Venom blockchain. 

This repository contains information that covers everything from the basics of blockchain development to more advanced features, like dynamic sharding and asynchronous block validation. This allows developers to gain a solid understanding of Venom’s use-case, its unique features, and the various tools available on the blockchain.

The launch of the public testnet is an important step forward for Venom as it prepares for its mainnet launch, expected to happen in the coming months. The launch of Venom’s public testnet also demonstrates the project’s commitment to fostering innovation and building a strong community within its ecosystem.

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