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Binance claims AI technology is spreading fake information about them

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Binance NFT Introduces The Sandbox NFT01

Binance network claims that an AI has been used to spread fake information about the exchange and its head Changpeng Zhao.

In recent months, the Binance network has been crying foul from other news sites and projects spreading FUD against the exchange. Their latest cry is against an AI.

Based on recent reports, Binance now claims that an AI, namely ChatGPT, is giving some disinformation about the network. The AI has allegedly claimed that Changpeng Zhao has connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

In their test, Binance asked AI some questions. GPT-3.5 was the exact AI used in spreading wrong information linking the Binance head to CCP. However, Binance tested another two models associated with GPT, which provided the correct answers.

The GPT-3.5 also provided a fake AI-created conversation reporting that Zhao worked for the China National Petroleum Corp in the 1990s.

When asked to provide the source of its information, the AI seemingly mentioned a fake LinkedIn page using the name Zhao.

Moreover, the AI provided an unverified Forbes web link from 2018. The web link is mal factional now, but it indicated that Pamela Ambler, a former journalist and investor, was the story’s writer. None of Forbes and Ambler was ready to respond to queries about the page and the story’s authenticity.

Binance has debunked some of the rumors spread by the AI and others. For instance, a Binance spokesperson mentioned that in the 1990s, when the AI said CZ worked for a petroleum corporation, the Binance head would have been in high school. Patrick Hillmann, Binance’s Chief Strategy Officer, said:

“It is especially sad to see this type of misinformation being shared by a few people in power when it would have been debunked with even the most basic level of fact-checking.”

As they discover the flaws of AI, Hillman noted that it is working hard to see the impact of the tech in its platforms to empower users. He, however, highlighted that “bad actors will try and take advantage” for political gain.

Bad actors’ use of AI tech poses a considerable risk, especially in this internet-driven world. Experts warned that such tools could create negative fake stories for corrupt politicians’ gains.

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