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Flare brings blockchain API to Google Cloud Marketplace



Flare, a layer-1 Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible platform, has integrated its API portal with Google Cloud Marketplace, onboarding multiple prominent blockchain APIs, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, to the ecosystem.

With this integration, Google Cloud Marketplace now supports nine different blockchain APIs.

Offloading the burden

The integration of Flare’s API portal with Google Cloud Marketplace is set to provide a vast pool of developers and software users with access to high-integrity blockchain data from Flare nodes and connected chain nodes. This integration offers a variety of blockchain APIs, including Algorand, BNB Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Flare, Litecoin, Songbird, XRP ledger, and any future-supported blockchain APIs.

By leveraging blockchain APIs, developers can offload the burden of running their nodes for the respective blockchains they interact with. The APIs provide data that powers applications executing transactions and querying the latest state of the blockchain by invoking on-chain data.

Flare emphasizes that blockchain APIs are highly beneficial for creating cross-chain applications that retrieve data from multiple sources, such as popular cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, using its API portal. The integration with Google Cloud Marketplace is set to unlock the potential of these blockchain APIs for developers and users of software products and services in the ecosystem.

Flare’s VP of Engineering, Josh Edwards said,

Greater availability of leading blockchain APIs on platforms such as Google Cloud Marketplace reduces the barriers to web3 participation. It makes it easier for developers to experiment with blockchain technology and its many use cases without being burdened by onerous hardware costs and ongoing maintenance.


It also allows larger organizations and partners to experiment with a safe, secure, and approved set of Web3 APIs. As a result, developer teams have the flexibility to create applications without any infrastructure headache and allow them to focus on creating and shipping great products.

Easy access to all APIs

James Tromans, the head of web3 Engineering at Google Cloud, commented on this release, saying:

We’re excited to support and promote our web3 partners in our ecosystem with the integration of Flare’s high-performance APIs in our Marketplace.

Flare’s integration with the Marketplace now provides easy access to all of Flare’s current APIs for anyone who uses Google Cloud using their existing Google Cloud account.

Furthermore, customers can count the spend on Flare APIs through Google Cloud Marketplace towards their committed spend on Google Cloud.

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