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El Salvador school program raises over $29k via Bitcoin Lightning Network

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crypto news bitcoin sign

crypto news bitcoin sign

My First Bitcoin, an El Salvadoran nonprofit program, has raised over 1 bitcoin (BTC) in less than three weeks from Bitcoin education enthusiasts.

Support has poured in from countries such as Venezuela, Poland, and Canada, with hundreds of people sending satoshis (the smallest denomination of bitcoin) over the Lightning Network (LN) to help fund the expansion of My First Bitcoin’s Bitcoin Diploma program.

In an interview, John Dennehy, the founder of the My First Bitcoin program, said Bitcoin’s true potential lies in empowering individuals and that making it simple to donate is critical to achieving this goal.

Since its inception, the program has made significant progress in its mission to spread awareness and educate people about the potential of cryptocurrency.

The My First Bitcoin program has successfully educated over 6,000 El Salvador students.

Country-wide adoption

The success of My First Bitcoin’s crowdfunding campaign can also be attributed to the support and efforts of Bitcoin Beach, a Bitcoin circular community located in El Zonte on El Salvador’s Pacific Coast.

Bitcoin Beach played a crucial role in the country’s adoption of bitcoin as legal tender in 2021. It continues to promote the use and benefits of cryptocurrency.

On April 27, Bitcoin Beach announced that it would match all My First Bitcoin program donations until midnight. This pledge helped to incentivize individuals to contribute to the campaign. It also represents the community’s commitment to driving positive change in El Salvador through cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Beach’s efforts have transformed El Zonte into a vibrant, circular economy where individuals can transact with each other using bitcoin without relying on traditional financial institutions. This has provided many people with greater financial freedom and access to the global economy.

The collaboration between My First Bitcoin and Bitcoin Beach is a remarkable example of how community-driven initiatives can drive social change and promote promote cryptocurrency adoption.

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