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South Korea and US face off over Do Kwon’s extradition 

crytpo news court session blurry figures sitting in chairs judge with arm raised nft background day

crytpo news court session blurry figures sitting in chairs judge with arm raised nft background day

Reports indicate that South Korean prosecutors are adamant that charging Do Kwon in his home country is the best way to serve justice to Terra network victims. 

South Korea wants Do Kwon

South Korean and United States prosecutors want to administer justice, waiting for Montenegro authorities to extradite him to their respective countries.

Mr. Kwon was arrested in Montenegro in March and has been held there since. 

A South Korean prosecutor charged with investigating Do Kwon insists that sending him to his home country would be the most appropriate way of ensuring justice is given to victims.

Immediately following Do Kwon’s arrest, U.S. prosecutors announced eight fraud-related charges against the disgraced founder.

The United States became the second country after South Korea to lay out charges against Do Kwon.

South Korea announced charges against the former Terra founder in September 2022, even sending agents to Serbia. A search for Do Kwon, initiated by South Korean authorities, began in earnest last year after the government said the founder was on the run. These allegations, together with other charges, have been dismissed by Do Kwon.

Still, it’s up to Montenegro’s legal system to choose which country to extradite Kwon. The Justice Minister of Montenegro, Marko Kovac, said: 

“Consideration will be given to the gravity of crimes, location of committed offenses, sequence of requests, as well as citizenship.”

Many legal experts think South Korea should be the one to charge Do Kwon, not the United States, since the founder is their citizen. Moreover, others noted that South Korea was the first to level any charges months before Kwon’s arrest, and the U.S. only stated charges after the arrest. 


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