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Dubai-based crypto manager kidnapped in Spain

crypto news police tape and police car front side view blurry city background day light low poly styl

crypto news police tape and police car front side view blurry city background day light low poly styl

A cryptocurrency portfolio manager for a Dubai-based company was abducted while on holiday in Malaga, Spain.

The kidnappers demanded 1 million euros in cash and cryptocurrency for the victim’s release.

Crypto manager kidnapped at gunpoint in Spain

The victim, a Syrian national living in Hungary, was abducted while having fun with his new employees at a resort. He had previously asked one of his friends if they knew someone who could show him around the area before going on vacation. 

Following this, his friend introduced him to an Albanian, with whom he spent several days partying in Marbella.

The two met up at a posh residence in Benalmádena on May 3, where the victim was unexpectedly abducted by his host and associates. The kidnappers restrained him, had a gun pointed at his head, and afterward demanded a ransom.

According to the investigation, the victim was given access to a phone from which he was supposed to call the person to pay the one million euros in ransom. The kidnappers, however, were unaware that the victim had been able to capture a photo that would reveal his whereabouts to a colleague. 

The colleague immediately phoned the police after receiving a photo captured from a window at the building he was detained at. This led to quick action by the police and the capture of the three kidnappers.

Crypto manager rescued, culprits detained

In a rescue operation, the National Police assembled fifty troops, including members of GOES, Air Resources, UDYCO Costa del Sol, UPR, a police mediator, and the Scientific Police. They then proceeded to surround the residence where the victim was being held captive.

Investigators found the businessman in a sizable three-story mansion in Benalmádena after being alerted by the victim’s colleague of his whereabouts.

Around 6 pm on May 4, during the operation to access and inspect the premises, the agents apprehended the kidnappers and freed the businessman, who had sustained minor injuries. 

According to information provided by the Authorities, of the three detainees, ages 35, 36, and 54, two possessed fake Greek passports, and one had various false identities with a criminal history. The cops also discovered a room filled with plastic, guns, and gardening equipment during the investigation.

Following their arrest, the three kidnappers are currently held at the Provincial Police Station. Torremolinos’ Investigating Court Number 1 has taken control of the case’s investigation. The culprits are accused of kidnapping, illegal ownership of weapons, and injury.

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