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BitMEX collaborates with industry players to send physical bitcoin lunar

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IMG 9204

IMG 9204

BitMEX has formed a partnership with Astrobotic Technology Inc. and Bitcoin Magazine to launch the first physical bitcoin to the moon.

The launch is scheduled to take place at the Kennedy Space Center this summer. 

Readying for a space flight

The upcoming event will mark the first Western soft lunar landing since NASA’s Apollo 17 mission in 1972. With over two years of meticulous preparation, the physical bitcoin has been integrated into the Moon lander Peregrine-1, ensuring its readiness for space flight. 

Encapsulating 1 BTC with an engraved public address and private key, this unique bitcoin will forever remain in space, inviting future generations to interact with the token from Earth or in space, enabling the transmission of personal items such as Bitcoin Ordinals to the Moon.

As part of the upcoming lunar mission, a significant tribute to Satoshi’s protocol will accompany the physical bitcoin.

To the moon and beyond

The Genesis Block, a symbolic representation of the first-ever mined Bitcoin blockchain block, will be transported to the Moon. Crafted onto a metal plate, it will showcase the raw hex data and feature a hologram of the Bitcoin Magazine logo, paying homage to the revolutionary inception of the cryptocurrency.

To commemorate this historic milestone, an exclusive auction for bitcoin will be held on the Moon rock, co-hosted by Bitcoin Magazine during the bitcoin 2023 event.

Additionally, a collection of limited-edition commemorative coins and Ordinals will be made available on Earth, capturing the essence of this extraordinary moment for our community.

This groundbreaking mission holds the potential to expand the exploration of bitcoin’s applications beyond our planet, signifying a significant moment for both the cryptocurrency industry and human civilization.

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