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Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. praises bitcoin

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crypto news gold bitcoin sign aurora and stardust background holography low poly styl

crypto news gold bitcoin sign aurora and stardust background holography low poly styl

Environmental lawyer and U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made headlines as he discussed bitcoin during a conference, emphasizing his support for alternative digital assets. 

Kennedy Jr. expressed that bitcoin resonates with individuals due to its role as both a currency and a symbol of democratic principles.

An exercise in democracy 

At a conference, Kennedy Jr. stated, “Everybody is so passionate about bitcoin, not just because it’s a currency, but because it’s an exercise in democracy.”

He continues his speech with his vision for bitcoin and cryptocurrency if he were to assume the presidency.

Here, he pledges to empower individuals by ensuring each person will have full control over their digital assets, asserting that his administration would guarantee citizens their own wallets and passwords to prevent government interference.

Ongoing support

This recent statement adds to Kennedy Jr.’s previous assertions in favor of digital currencies, solidifying his stance on the matter.

On May 3, Robert Kennedy Jr. also tweeted his opposition to president Biden’s proposed 30% tax on cryptocurrency mining, underscoring the significance of financial privacy and advocating for the promotion of innovation within the crypto industry. 

His concerns stemmed from the fact tax measure may lead to a shift in innovation towards other countries, highlighting the need to nurture and support the burgeoning U.S. crypto sector.

The presence of Robert Kennedy Jr., as a presidential candidate, at the Bitcoin 2023 conference is expected to generate significant interest among bitcoin enthusiasts and media outlets.

Given his vocal support for bitcoin, Kennedy Jr.’s appearance will likely fuel discussions about the cryptocurrency’s impact on the economy. As the election season progresses, Kennedy Jr.’s stance on bitcoin and its potential influence on various sectors will be closely monitored.

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