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Charles Hoskinson reveals Cardano’s ultimate mission

WUBITS Launches01

WUBITS Launches01

Charles Hoskinson, the visionary who founded Cardano, made a message on Twitter not too long ago to discuss the partnership between IOG and WMC. 

Hoskinson emphasized that Cardano was conceived to extend, promote compatibility, and create identity in various applications, notably in providing financial services to the disadvantaged and linking people who are now unconnected.

According to Hoskinson, Cardano’s ultimate goal is to become the world’s financial operating system. It was constructed from the ground up using scientific concepts as a guide and was evaluated by specialists from academic institutions.

IOG (Input Output Global), originally known as IOHK, is the organization that is accountable for the development of Cardano from the very beginning.

The network’s goal is to build a robust ecosystem that gives people and communities more agency, and the partnership between IOG and WMC reflects that purpose. The purpose of this agreement is to actualize Cardano’s vision of providing banking services to the unbanked.

Cardano has made considerable headway in cryptocurrencies, recently climbing to the ninth spot in the global rankings of decentralized exchange (DEX) blockchains.

The scalability, interoperability, and identification aspects that Hoskinson discusses in his tweet are all responsible for this achievement. Cardano’s scalability, enabled by its Ouroboros protocol, allows it to process more transactions quicker than many other blockchains.

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