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Coinbase reveals base layer-2 network roadmap

AI project TradeGDT05

AI project TradeGDT05

Base, Coinbase’s layer-2 (L2) network, has finally unveiled its long-awaited roadmap, detailing the company’s long-term goals and objectives. 

According to the roadmap, the network does not plan to issue a token. Base is committed to building a secure and streamlined infrastructure for cryptocurrency transactions.

Base test network is already in progress. Completing the Regolith hard fork, which introduced significant improvements to the network, was the most recent achievement. The network’s usability, security, and performance were bolstered thanks to an in-depth evaluation of the underlying infrastructure with the OP Labs crew.

Base also detailed future goals, emphasizing improving Bedrock, the network’s backbone. These enhancements optimize network speed and provide a better overall user experience. Base aims to offer a streamlined and effective platform for bitcoin (BTC) transactions by constantly inventing and improving its underlying technology.

Base will undergo extensive internal and external examinations to guarantee its security and dependability. These inspections will analyze the network structure in detail, pinpointing any weak spots that require fixing. In addition, the developers will do stability testing to guarantee that the network continues functioning normally regardless of the circumstances.

The unveiling of the Base L2 network roadmap demonstrates Coinbase’s dedication to openness and constant improvement. Base’s decision to forego the token issue reflects the company’s commitment to developing a reliable, scalable, and efficient system for handling bitcoin transactions without interruption.

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