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Charles Hoskinson gives Cardano’s progress update



Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson recently updated the community on the latest happenings in the ecosystem on his YouTube channel. 

Hoskinson stressed the importance of the current work on CIP 1694, a proposal to improve the governance of the Cardano platform. With the release of testnet node 0.80 and the impending release of T1 in the following weeks for testing and experimentation, the development team has been working feverishly on integrating SIP 1694 internally.

Concurrently, 43 community workshops across Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia have been launched as part of a massive workshop initiative, according to Hoskinson. This coming July, the information gathered from these workshops will inform a final session in Edinburgh, Scotland. This workshop aims to combine the information collected from previous community workshops and fine-tune the SIP 1694 design principles and specifications.

To further promote community tooling for CIP 1694, the development team is also working on building an RFP program and funding program. The objective is to encourage the development of resources, including infrastructure, dashboards, voting accountability mechanisms, and other instruments that improve Cardano’s nascent governance system.

Edinboro decentralization index is also making strides. It aims to quantify and rank cryptocurrencies according to their degree of decentralization.

Cardano hopes to show its superior degree of decentralization compared to bitcoin and ethereum by adopting CIP 1694 and implementing it by community vote. The event in July will include a presentation of research from the decentralization index lab at the University of Edinburgh.

More developments on Cardano

Several other aspects of the Cardano ecosystem received updates from Hoskinson as well. P2P improvements, new capabilities including eclipsed detection, development of Genesis, UTXO HD, Plutus, and their partner projects Mithril and Hydra are all part of this. He emphasized that Hydra is already operational on the mainnet and spoke highly of the fruitful cooperation between the teams working on it and the rising popularity throughout the community.

Hoskinson also brought up the continuing debates around the wallet integration of mithril certificates and the possible use of mithril for parallel epoch validation and in conjunction with recursive Starks. These innovations are critical to increasing Cardano’s ecosystem’s utility and scalability.

The summer months are likely to be full of in-depth discussions, testnet deployments, and the development of community tools as Cardano continues to make great leaps in its development. Cardano’s dedication to creating a blockchain platform that is accessible to all people across the world is reflected in the platform’s active community and robust discourse.

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