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Polygon and uniswap prices are flat, InQubeta is positioned to rally

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  • Polygon and uniswap prices are flat, InQubeta is positioned to rally
crypto news black bull with horns red eyes full body portrait cartoon character aurora and stardust background low poly style

crypto news black bull with horns red eyes full body portrait cartoon character aurora and stardust background low poly style

Investors in InQubeta (QUBE) are bullish, expecting substantial price increases this year, unlike holders of polygon (MATIC) and uniswap (UNI), whose portfolio values continue to decrease.

InQubeta brings startups that focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and investors who only sometimes have access to traditional investment mediums together. 

Investments in AI technology have grown significantly, with a total of $12.5b in 2015 and over $93b in 2021. More investors are recognizing the potential of AI and its ability to impact various industries greatly. This is becoming increasingly evident.

InQubeta has positioned itself to enjoy similar growth by providing a medium that doesn’t have the entry barriers traditional investment channels have, like unreasonable minimum investment amounts. Investors can now participate in the AI revolution by utilizing a cryptocurrency wallet. This eliminates investment obstacles, making it simpler for AI startups to secure funding and allowing investors to benefit from their profits. 

InQubeta prices can rally in 2023

InQubeta (QUBE) is experiencing a similar level of success as companies that rapidly adapted to the internet in the late 90s, such as Amazon.

In today’s world, AI technology has become ubiquitous. For instance, ChatGPT is a self-learning software that can write computer programs and perform various other tasks. Furthermore, self-driving cars have become increasingly popular, leading to cases of law enforcement pulling over drivers who are asleep behind the wheel while their vehicle’s AI takes control.

AI presents numerous opportunities for companies. InQubeta’s marketplace showcases various AI startups that could be worth over a trillion dollars.

On InQubeta’s marketplace, AI startups can earn money by creating tokens that represent equity in their company and offer other benefits. These tokens are fractionalized non-fungible tokens (NFTs) listed on the marketplace, where investors can buy them using QUBE. 

Startups can obtain project funding from investors who may benefit from the company’s success. QUBE tokens have a deflationary design with a 2% tax on all marketplace transactions sent to a burning wallet for destruction. A 5% tax on QUBE transactions also funds a reward pool to incentivize coin holders to stake their coins, supporting price growth.

Investors who hold QUBE tokens can participate in InQubeta’s governance. They can propose, evaluate, and vote on ideas that impact the platform’s operation. This provides a powerful voice to those who have invested, allowing them to help shape the platform’s future.

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Polygon dips after rally

Polygon in 2017 as a technology platform to scale Ethereum. 

Polygon helps to increase the sovereignty, scalability, and flexibility of Ethereum while still keeping the structural and security benefits of this platform. Polygon’s native currency, MATIC, is an ERC-20 token that is compatible with other Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. It is used to pay transaction fees and govern the platform. 

Polygon has had its moments in 2023, with prices growing by over 300% before dipping back down. Polygon’s struggles will likely continue with so many investors dumping MATIC and considering other options like InQubeta. 

Uniswap remains flat

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange for trading tokens. It was launched in 2018 to give users a more efficient way to trade than conventional cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Uniswap released its governance token, UNI, to give users a voice in the exchange’s operations. Despite its attempts to provide more service to traders, UNI prices remain flat in 2023.


Investors are interested in the InQubeta presale, heaping even more pressure on other cryptocurrencies such as UNI and MATIC. This could result in a potential rally for QUBE prices in 2023, as more capital is directed towards the project.

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