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a detailed guide to mechanics

How to play Bluelight.inc blockchain game02

How to play Bluelight.inc blockchain game02

Bluelight.inc is a Silicon Valley simulator that functions within the metaverse of San Crypto. Players can create the company of their dreams, accomplish hundreds of projects, earn KALE, and become famous.

This guide explains how things work and what users can do.

Game modes

Tycoon (Office) mode

To start the game, you need an office first. There is no need to buy it – you can start for free in a co-working space. The office should be well-equipped for employees to begin working. Ensure they are comfortable and all their needs will be met.

In this mode, you can also explore the San Crypto metaverse, visit virtual places, interact with peers and meet Bluelight mascots, Dealan’s dream team.

During the work process, your employees will gain experience and become stronger, which will grant you access to new offices, equipment, and game cards. 

The main goal is to complete all projects, earn KALE, and become the CEO of the Bluelight Corporation. 

In the Office mode, players see the home screen interface and can manage the following:

  • Available projects and game progress statistics. Players can also plan and make strategic decisions about the startup development sectors.
  • Inventory for players to manage the equipment that has yet to be installed. It can be sold or placed in offices.
  • Decks ready for the game and which ones you can start managing by adding/removing cards or characters.
  • Available characters so players can see their properties, specializations, skills, and experience. They can be assigned to an office or called off.

In the Tycoon mode, players can equip their offices; this is necessary to provide characters with comfort, hygiene, entertainment, and so on. 

To satisfy their needs, the player should supply their office with various items such as a coffee machine, a game console, a sofa, a picture on the wall, a flower in a pot, etc.

Deprived employees perform poorly, gain less experience, get tired faster, and so on. 

The better the workplace, the more experience the character will get and level up more quickly.

Collectible card game

To enter this mode, click the “Available Projects” button. Check out the projects available for execution, select them, and launch them into production.

Every project takes several days (turns) to accomplish. The player’s team must solve a certain number of tasks to finish the project successfully. This is done by placing character cards on the field: specialists are directly responsible for solving tasks (each has a specific capacity per turn), and managers give them a buff (increase their productivity). After each turn, the lifetime of characters is reduced by 1.

The outcomes of project solutions also depend on how you place furniture and equipment on the playing field. Decks are a must to put specialist cards. At the same time, complementary objects like a coffee machine can give them a boost in their lifetime or productivity. 

Also, players will encounter problems that occur in the office every day. Problem cards can be discarded automatically when their lifetime ends or be solved with the help of other cards in the player’s arsenal. 

Problems are categorized into Easy, Medium, and Hard. You must apply corresponding cards to solve them or use several cards simultaneously—for example, two Easy solution cards for one Medium problem. 

The more projects from a particular sector you accomplish, the higher the level of these projects and the higher the requirements will become. 

The award rules are simple:

  • You will gain experience, coins, and other rewards if the project is completed successfully.
  • If the project fails, you don’t get any reward.
  • The more tasks you complete, the more money you earn and the further you move towards your cherished goal.

Game mascots

Players and various creatures inhabit the metaverse of San Crypto. You will meet the mascots of the game. It’s Dealan and his dream team. 

According to the lore, they met in San Crypto. They started collaborating to launch a disruptive startup (though everyone had different personal motivations to join the team).

Let’s quickly observe these characters:

  • Dealan is the leader of the team and a cunning entrepreneur. He’s the ultimate trickster, always looking for a deal, loves chatting, and does not care about serious things. He’s all about the wild parties and gossiping in town, and it’s pretty much a sure bet he’ll be a San Crypto big shot. It all goes without mentioning that Dealan is a charming heart-breaker.
  • Gua has mad beauty and smarts. She’s also a perfectionist but has skeletons in her closet. Gua used to work in the adult industry full-time. Still, she accidentally became a human resource (HR) admin in Dealan’s team, so her professional life is a strange mix of activities. She does not enjoy communicating with people too much. Still, she regards it as an opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream – find the sister she lost in childhood. 
  • Evrik is a typical good guy capable of self-sacrificing and deep devotion; this is why Dealan is glad to have him on the dream team. He does not want chaise fame or approval. Evrik is happy to be able to bring his ideas to life. Being fond of experimenting as a child, he accidentally grew a bulb that turned into a beautiful living thing…that was Chip Polina! Evrik’s got it bad for her, but he’s too humble to lay it on the line.
  • Meta L is a brutal shark with a soft heart hidden deep inside. He’s an introverted artist living in his creative universe and not much of a talker. Meta L’s all about rock music, learning to swim, and recently switching to vegetarianism (a hard decision). He’s devoted to Dealan and the squad but avoids getting caught up in their drama.
  • Chip Polina is a brainiac with a crazy IQ of 300 – no wonder men are really into her looks and her sick sense of humor. She’s been best friends with Evrik since the moment of her birth and got involved in Dealan’s risky business just to be able to protect him. Behind all that sarcasm and skepticism, a sensitive soul dreams of finding true love.

These characters will appear in the Bluelight.inc game to interact with players, give them bonuses or quests, and entertain them. 

Disclosure: This content is provided by a third party. crypto.news does not endorse any product mentioned on this page. Users must do their own research before taking any actions related to the company.

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