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The QWAN Foundation launching token for global gaming

The QWAN Launch04

The QWAN Launch04

On May 31, the  QWAN Foundation will launch a token, QWAN, for the global gaming industry on Ethereum, a smart contracting platform.

Launching QWAN token

The QWAN is designed to create a decentralized economy for gamers worldwide. 

The project is supported by The QWAN Foundation, in partnership with gaming hubs like Banger Games, which specializes in multi-game tournaments and tokenized rewards.

QWAN serves as the native token for the gaming ecosystem comprising various platforms, hubs, services, and communities. It acts as a shared currency, driving the global gaming industry through a unified yet decentralized economy. 

The gaming platform empowers players by rewarding their participation across diverse platforms, incentivizing ownership, and providing opportunities for asset earning and trading.

Utilizing QWAN’s governance features, gamers would also have a voice in the governance processes, helping to shape the gaming ecosystem’s future.

As an open-source and permissionless portal, The QWAN integrates into any platform, application, or game, catering to the needs of the gaming community.

Collaboration With HLV and Banger

The token launch would benefit from strategic guidance provided by Horizen Labs Ventures (HLV), a web3 advisory and solutions provider. 

HLV supports prominent brands, protocols, and startups in the crypto sphere. Their involvement in projects like Yuga Labs and The Sandbox lends further credibility to The QWAN’s potential. 

Rohan Handa, senior vice president of business development at HLV said:

 “We are excited about QWAN and its potential to positively impact and shape game economies, powering new utilities and a community-led governance that can appeal to existing Web2 gamers, With the gaming token being adopted and integrated by the Banger platform, we believe QWAN can onboard the next wave of users to Web3 and push the gaming industry forward.”

As the first major gaming platform to embrace The QWAN token, Banger is committed to enhancing the gaming experience for its users. This partnership allows Banger to provide various offerings, distinguishing them from competitors.

Commenting on the partnership, Borja Villalobos, Banger’s CEO said:

 “We are thrilled for Banger to integrate The QWAN as its key gaming token and offer our gamers the opportunity to enhance their gaming experience. With The QWAN, our offering becomes very unique in the market and allows us to provide gamers with an experience that can’t be found elsewhere”.

QWAN is scheduled to be listed on various exchanges starting May 31, with an initial listing price of $0.15. 

Exchanges such as MEXC, AscendEX, and BTSE, among others, will facilitate trading of the token.

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