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AI Chatbot trained on Satoshi’s legacy allows talking to bitcoin creator

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Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform04

Pierre Corbin and Hugo Ferrer, co-developers and enthusiasts of artificial intelligence, have introduced an AI chatbot named ‘Talk2Satoshi’.

The bot is designed to replicate the insights of bitcoin’s (BTC) enigmatic creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, answering queries about crypto and economics in his style.

The mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, might have vanished over a decade ago. Still, his voice is being resurrected in a new AI chatbot ‘Talk2Satoshi’, launched by Bitcoin FilmFest co-organizer Pierre Corbin and co-developer Hugo Ferrer. The AI bot, released on May 31, has been programmed to answer questions about bitcoin and economics, emulating Nakamoto’s thought process.

Talk2Satoshi uses the AI model OpenAI’s ChatGPT, trained on a select dataset comprising Nakamoto’s public emails, forum posts, and other resources, including Saifedean Ammous’ book “The Bitcoin Standard,” Jeff Booth’s book “The Price of Tomorrow,” and Corbin’s film “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin.” The developers promise more sources in the future.

In tests, the chatbot typically conveys skepticism about the future of fiat currencies while expressing optimism for bitcoin. However, the responses can be contradictory depending on the questions’ nature. It’s also worth noting that the bot isn’t updated with more recent bitcoin developments like the Ordinals protocol or BRC-20 tokens and usually refrains from commenting on such subjects.

Corbin believes the chatbot serves as a demonstration of how AI can be employed in education. Despite certain limitations, Talk2Satoshi competently answers fundamental questions about bitcoin’s workings, mining processes, and the concept of satoshis within the network.

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