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Binance launches 10 week summer internship program

Royalty Brings Web301

Royalty Brings Web301

Binance has announced the launch of Binance AMP, a summer-intern program aimed at educating young people who want to work in the blockchain industry.

The program will span a period of 10 weeks during which interns will have the opportunity to work with various teams, have contact with mentors, and engage in cross-functional learning experiences.

Leading the future of blockchain development

Binance, one of the largest digital asset ecosystems, is launching its advanced management program (AMP). After a selection process involving interviews, tests, and group case study assessments, 23 interns from six countries have been chosen out of 8000+ applicants.

The AMP program aims to provide a unique and immersive experience in the web3 space, equipping interns with practical knowledge and skills by immersing them in Binance’s operations.

Starting on June 5, interns will embark on a journey as they rotate across: marketing, customer service, and the Binance academy.

Over ten weeks, interns will engage in hands-on learning, taking on challenging tasks under the guidance of experienced project leads.

Binance thinks the cross-functional structure enables the interns to delve into various facets of the ecosystem, allowing them to discover their passions and strengths while building invaluable connections with like-minded peers and seasoned professionals.

Binance’s AMP summer internship program may help aspiring blockchain leaders to gain insights, expand skill sets, and make an impact digital asset landscape.

“In the symphony of technological advancements, Binance’s melody resonated deeply within me. As I discovered Binance, I envisioned an opportunity to contribute to the crypto world and to create a future where financial empowerment is accessible to all.”

Atul Yatav, Binance intern.

By investing in talent development, Binance thinks it is addressing the skills gap in the industry and fostering a new generation of professionals with the knowledge and expertise to work in the industry.

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