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InQubeta demonstrates growth potential compared to litecoin and chainlink

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Is The BNB and Polkadot Hype is Over InQubeta01

Is The BNB and Polkadot Hype is Over InQubeta01

Litecoin (LTC) and chainlink (LINK) have been acknowledged as prominent participants in the cryptocurrency market due to their well-established histories and dedicated group of investors. Nonetheless, amid this competitive environment, InQubeta, a new challenger is emerging.

While litecoin and chainlink have proven their worth over time, InQubeta is adopting a new approach combining artificial intelligence with crypto. QUBE has generated considerable buzz among investors searching for opportunities in the market.

InQubeta: AI investment with fractional NFT system

InQubeta is a platform that offers investors access to the thriving AI market. Investors can participate in AI startup companies by investing in InQubeta’s QUBE ERC20 token. As an AI crypto crowdfunding platform, analysts say QUBE has promising growth prospects.

The key feature of InQubeta is its fractional investment system, which is seen as groundbreaking. This system empowers investors on the InQubeta platform by allowing them to own a tangible stake in the most promising and exciting AI startups.

Through InQubeta’s NFT marketplace, investors can invest in fractionalized NFTs using the native QUBE token.

These equity-based NFTs provide access to rewards such as early product access, stakes in the company, and other benefits. This feature makes QUBE an attractive option for startups seeking to raise funds.

InQubeta values its early supporters and benefits them as projects grow and succeed. Through the QUBE staking system, investors can passively participate in the growth of AI technology startups and earn rewards. A 5% sales tax is allocated to a dedicated reward pool, ensuring that supporters who believe in the potential of AI can earn passive rewards.

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Litecoin offers reliability and security in crypto

Litecoin has maintained its relevance in the cryptocurrency world. 

Launched in 2011, the Litecoin network offers users a reliable and secure platform with faster transaction confirmation times and a unique hashing algorithm. Often referred to as a faster and more efficient alternative to Bitcoin, Litecoin has garnered a loyal following, and its native currency, LTC, is recognized as a trusted digital currency.

Chainlink bridges smart contracts and real-world data

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that bridges the gap between smart contracts and real-world data. The Oracle platform is essential to numerous blockchain applications by providing secure and reliable data feeds.

Chainlink’s adaptability and wide-ranging use cases have also contributed to its strong market presence. 


InQubeta, focusing on the AI sector, exhibits positive growth prospects akin to Litecoin and Chainlink. It positions itself as a driving force for change, contributing to shaping AI technology’s future.

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