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Marc Cuban highlights discrepancy in SEC’s approach to stock loans vs. crypto assets

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  • Marc Cuban highlights discrepancy in SEC’s approach to stock loans vs. crypto assets
The QWAN Launch02

The QWAN Launch02

In a recent Twitter statement, Marc Cuban highlighted the discrepancy in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approach towards the stock loan industry compared to crypto assets.

Cuban pointed out that while the SEC labels the stock loan industry as “opaque” and emphasizes the need for transparency, they have not classified “stock loans” as securities nor initiated lawsuits against brokers and banks’ stock loan departments.

The SEC is showing their intentions for their industry

Cuban suggested that the SEC should adopt a similar approach for crypto assets to assess which aspects should be deemed securities, determine the best regulatory practices, and safeguard investors.

He believes that the differing approaches by the SEC reflect their intentions for each industry. Currently, the SEC engages in a comments process where they seek public comments on certain matters or proposed regulations.

During this process, interested individuals or organizations can provide feedback, opinions, and suggestions to the SEC regarding the specific topic or regulation being discussed.

“Exactly Mark. Some call it the Bahamas Test. If the organization/entity that offered (minted/mined) the token were to pick up and move to the Bahamas, never to be heard from again, or do anything further with the project, would the token survive? If it would, not a security.”

John E Deaton, founder of Crypto Law via Twitter.

What is a security?

Determining whether an asset falls under the classification of a security under U.S. regulations hinges on its resemblance to company-issued shares intended for fundraising purposes. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) employs a legal test derived from a Supreme Court ruling in 1946 to ascertain this distinction.

This Tweet comes as part of the repercussions of the 136-page lawsuit the SEC filed that levels out 13 charges against Binance, accusing the cryptocurrency exchange of various infractions, including the mishandling of customer funds and the unauthorized offering of securities.

The lawsuit highlights the SEC’s assertion that Binance exhibited a “blatant disregard” for federal securities laws and failed to uphold the necessary investor and market protections mandated by these laws, adding to the heightened regulatory scrutiny surrounding the cryptocurrency industry.

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