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SEC claims Decentraland and The SandBox tokens are securities, Here’s why TOADS is different

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The virtual asset community has been taken aback by recent statements made by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) concerning the categorization of virtual assets. Notably, the SEC claims that tokens of Decentraland and The SandBox, two prominent virtual worlds, should be regarded as securities due to their investment characteristics. This heightened scrutiny has allowed DigiToads (TOADS), a unique digital platform, to differentiate itself within the industry.

While the recent classification of decentraland (MANA) and the sandbox (SAND) as securities has generated concerns among the cryptocurrency community, it is crucial to consider the distinguishing features of DigiToads. 

DigiToads sets itself apart from these virtual worlds through its innovative ecosystem and native token, TOADS. These elements form the foundation of DigiToads’ unique approach, emphasizing compliance and positioning it as one of the investors’ choices within the crypto investment landscape. 

In this article, we will delve into the distinctive features of DigiToads that distinguish it from Decentraland and The SandBox.

DigiToads unleashes digital creatures in web3 game

DigiToads introduces a web3 game that collects, nurtures, and battles unique digital creatures called DigiToads. 

Unlike Decentraland and the SandBox, which primarily focus on virtual land ownership and creation, DigiToads prioritizes the acquisition and enhancement of these animated creatures. DigiToads come with unique traits, strengths, and weaknesses, giving players a wide range of options to select their digital companions.

The DigiToads ecosystem centers around TOADS tokens, the platform’s native currency. Players can use TOADS decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens to improve their DigiToads by buying food, potions, and training equipment. These items are crucial for enhancing the size, strength, and skills of the DigiToads, giving players an advantage in battles against other gamers. This unique approach distinguishes TOADS as a possible crypto investment to consider.

TOADS features a non-fungible token (NFT) staking platform designed to provide more benefits to its community members. Every TOADS transaction contributes 2% to the staking pool, guaranteeing continuous rewards for DigiToads community participants. NFT holders who choose to stake their top NFTs regularly will earn rewards, with longer staking durations leading to increased earning potential.

The presale growth of TOADS is currently in the Lilypad 7 stage out of the ten stages planned. The presale price stands at 0.036 USD per token. The project has already raised over $4.7 million, with over 98% of TOADS DeFi tokens sold. To join the presale, individuals can use top coins like ethereum (ETH), bitcoin (BTC), and USDT to purchase the presale token. With the potential for gains, early presale participants can grow with DigiToads.

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Decentraland: exploring virtual worlds on Ethereum

Decentraland, an Ethereum blockchain-based virtual reality platform, empowers users to generate, explore, and capitalize on their virtual environments and experiences. Its native token, MANA, operates on the principle of decentralization, utilizing blockchain technology to provide ownership and control of digital assets within the platform.

Recently, the SEC claimed that Decentraland’s native digital asset, MANA, could be classified as a security. The SEC believes that individuals who purchase MANA tokens with the expectation of making a profit are essentially investing in a joint enterprise, relying on the managerial and entrepreneurial efforts of the Decentraland team.

The SandBox is a decentralized virtual world for creative collaboration and exploration 

The SandBox is a virtual world on Ethereum. It provides a decentralized platform for players, creators, and businesses to collaborate and build interactive experiences. In SAND, users can purchase and own virtual land, known as LAND, which serves as a canvas for building games, interactive art installations, and virtual environments.

The SEC claims that The SandBox’s native token, SAND, qualifies as a security due to its investment characteristics and the expectations of profit from its holders. The SEC believes that purchasers of these tokens may expect earnings from their investment in SAND, as the token’s value can increase based on the success and popularity of The SandBox.

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The recent claims made by the SEC regarding Decentraland and The SandBox being classified as securities have sparked significant discussions within the crypto and virtual reality communities. It is essential to recognize that TOADS is an innovative investment platform due to its features, such as staking NFTs and community reward systems. 

Investors can join the TOADS community and forge a path toward a more inclusive and sustainable decentralized gaming landscape.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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